Proposal to my spouse

Posted: October 17th, 2013





Proposal to my spouse

            The country is experiencing many issues that have to be addressed. I urge you to discuss this issue with me. Please do not object this idea since it is the only viable option we have. We had better move out of this country or deteriorate completely (antithesis). Therefore, we should be thinking about migrating to another country. There are several countries, which we could consider. If you would like to suggest any, ensure we are eligible to reside in it. I have a few suggestions of countries we could possibly reside.

The most appropriate one was USA because it is developed in various forms, which will enable us to improve our living standards (enthymeme). Currently, the country has been classified as a super power country. The economy is doing well and there better chances of developing ourselves economically. We could start by searching for jobs to get savings for starting a business. I am sure we will succeed since we both have management skills. Some jobs are several hours, and they pay well. Therefore, it is possible to have more than one job, unlike here where one job is difficult to find.

Our country is full of insecurity issues, and we have suffered because of this issue. When we get residence in USA, we will be living in a better environment. Most neighborhoods are as peaceful as still waters (simile). Patrol police are always around and respond to any distress call as fast as possible. People are also friendly, and we will make friends easily. Remember when we lived with neighbors who were mean, and they could not even respond to greetings. We will not experience this problem any longer.

Our children need quality education to help them pursue a successful life. USA has one of the best universities in the world. The basic education covers all vital areas that students need to learn. After students have made their career choices, they are allowed to attend any university if they have qualified. As a couple, we could also benefit from this valuable education. I intend to advance my professional qualification. You could also join the institution of your choice and upgrade your education level. It will open windows for us (Synecdoche).

I admire the administration of this nation it is transparent and the leaders are accountable of their actions and decisions. People are allowed democracy, freedom of expression and all other human rights. It is easy to get justice since the judicial arm is independent and responsible about its operations. A country with strict law enforcement solves many social, economic and other problems. Love is alchemist capable of transforming food into poison (metaphor). I know that you love me, and you will think deeply about this proposal.

I understand what I am suggesting is not easy, but we are patient people. We will work together and go through the immigration process successfully. I am willing to discuss your opinions about this issue. It is significant for us to come up with a conclusion to start working on a plan immediately. Our deplorable living conditions need a change as soon as possible. Do not worry about starting a new life in another country we will adjust easily and fast. I remember when you left the country and you adjusted easily, yet you were lonely. If you did fine when you were alone, then it will even be better when we are a family (fortiori). Love is ideal, but marriage is real (antithesis) and it is characterized by many experiences. After all is said and done, we will be happy with our new home.

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