Posted: September 3rd, 2013






            Social stratification is a concept-involving hierarchy of individuals in society with regard to their socio-economic status, which influences the social rewards to those connected to power.

It is based on four main principles that it is a trait in society, its hereditary, it is universal but variable, and it follows inequality and a certain belief system. The social economic components range from access to education, healthcare, political office and other social activities

Politics is a profession that involves the organization and administration of public resources. The profession is based on amassing power and control to promote personal advancement. Given its social benefits the avenues for selecting political office, bearers are strictly guarded by the status quo. The topic Obama and the politics of race is an appropriate one to study the intrigues and impact of social stratification of people in political life.

The study will involve an analysis of social theories that relate politics to social stratification. In addition, the study shall give a brief history of the black man’s struggle to gain social equity, Obama’s presidential campaign in 2009 (highlighting the racial factor) and the racial prejudices that hinder his re-election bid. The report will further involve a comprehensive study of the politics of race and the role of social stratification as an ingredient in determining political survival.

The topic has a considerable amount of literature review material including scholarly articles that can be of help when writing the full report. The relationship between political power and status quo has been an area of interest for most social researchers. Researchers like Karl Marx, Durkheim and Weber have all postulated theories to explain this social phenomenon. In conclusion, there is enough evidence to warrant this study on the impact of social stratification on people in political life.

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