Provide an example of a song with a political message( JUST HAFE PAGE)

Posted: August 5th, 2013

Political song

Woody Guthrie composed the song “This land is your land.” It was composed in the 1940s, and it has a political theme. The lyrics inform the American citizens that America continent belongs to them. He mentioned some states to show the extent of America. The lyric also includes some physical features in the country. It signifies ownership of the resources found in the country. The purpose of this song was to fight for civil rights. The song made the people have a sense of belonging and encouraged them to fight for their rights. Guthrie inspired other artists in composing political songs and they did it without fear of being criticized.


The song shows realism before the Second World War. The land did not have stable leadership, and there was no democracy. The African Americans were discriminated and made slaves. As Guthrie comp\osed this song, he intended to spread peace and harmony among the people. He asserts that the land belongs to all Americans. Therefore, they should share it and co-exist. Vices like racism and discrimination should be eliminated. Currently, there is a significant improvement socially since racism has reduced significantly. It is agreeable that this song influenced people positively.

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