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Following the application requirements set by your institution, I hereby submit my admittance psychobiography. This psychobiography is a representation of my professional objectives as well as my willingness to join your institution and dully pursue my intended career in counseling. I have always had a passion to work as a psychological counselor. My personal traits include self drive and dedication, and willingness to bear exemplary success in all my endeavors. It is my hope and desire to acquire from your institution fundamental knowledge that will foster relevant skills and understanding of the psychology career. Among my personal goals, I plan to inculcate a sufficient level of knowledge and skills that will necessitate my achieving of a competent focus. More so, I plan to use these skills and knowledge on counseling and metal health to dully address the well being of adults, children, families, and individuals who may be struggling with similar issues such as addictions.

Ever since my junior years, I have always had a personal attraction to what I refer to as “life beneath the surface”. Growing up, I was engulfed in curiosity begging for the understanding of my own emotions, feelings as well as the psychological world. Even as a child, I recall bearing introspective aspects, bearing endless interests towards other peoples’ inner lives; especially people who had to endure hardships and difficulties at certain parts of their lives. As I continued to pursue education at the college level, I had an inner drive to amass myself in voluntary activities and was then on imparted with the belief that certain ways of suffering are immutable, some bear the capability of being transformed. In addition, I also leaned that every individual possesses the ability of shaping their own psychological destiny as well as those of others. Even though counseling may offer one of many avenues towards this particular endeavor, upon discovering the true meaning of counseling, I knew from this very moment that I had an inner obligation to offer its value to other people. This was facilitated with the opportunity to work under the guidance of the counselor in my college.

My passion towards pursuing a career as a professional counselor was further realized after my successful completion of a diploma course I was taking in the Bachelor of Arts in Psychology faculty in Duquesne University. I acquired knowledge and skills relevant to counseling from Duquesne University. This new found knowledge ignited a strong desire and willingness within me to endure with situations related to mental and psychological challenges facing our current society. I also managed to find out that my understanding towards human behavior had risen to a whole new level. I therefore possessed capabilities that could assisting and guide people towards relieving their personal problems and issues. I can attribute this achievement to my clear understanding of how people react when in challenging situations, and also have an understanding how to identify and implement solutions with regard to the nature of the individual issues.

From this point, I decided that a master’s degree was fundamental for my development and therefore enrolled at the Indiana University in Pennsylvania. My main attraction to this particular university lay behind excellent reputation in academics. The academic reputation of this particular university bears an invaluable emphasis towards the credibility it instills to an individual’s academic achievements in their respective faculty. In addition, I took advantage of an opportunity to work with three different voluntary social organizations, all in Pittsburg. The benefits of this opportunity involved improving my working capacity in relation to individuals with diverse issues as well as imparted me with sufficient experience on the counseling field.

In addition, I can firmly assert that my working experience with the Jewish Family and Children’s Services in Prospect Park was fundamental through the various responsibilities they I was assigned. I managed to acquire knowledge and skills necessary to assist me to address any problem or issue disrupting family connections. I also added on to my acquired knowledge and experience through my working endeavors with other charitable organizations that handed me priceless knowledge on managing people effectively. It was through an opportunity to work with Catholic Organizations that I learnt necessary skills related to offering psychological and emotional assistance in cases where people are challenged with various problematic issues. I also utilized a voluntary opportunity where I worked at Contact Pittsburg. Through my endeavors in this institution, I succeeded when called upon to offer emotional support to patients of diverse ages and levels of distress. I can also add that my experiences with the patients endowed me part of knowledge in psychological counseling through their willingness to share their lifestyles and endeavors.

It is in my belief that I have amassed sufficient skills knowledge and experience in the counseling field to warrant persuasion of an advanced degree in the course. It is in my view that there is need to further build on my attained skills and knowledge from my relations with people and institutions in previous counseling endeavors. My belief is that I should further my knowledge in the course through pursuing a masters degree in the course from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. This will thereafter grant me the foundation to establish my services in counseling work.

In addition, I was also able to amass some working experience in other separate fields of work such as Supervalu, Mountain View Inn and Vallozzi’s restaurant. In general, my responsibilities included performing casual duties such as washing dishes, being responsible of the work site’s cleanliness and answering to the managers regarding particular issues. In my belief, these kinds of working environment imparted with a necessary understanding of life’s experiences and granted me the capability of working under pressure and in adverse situations. I therefore believe that this kind of understanding helped me build on the ways that I can implement when counseling other people related to similar situations.

As a counselor, I believe I have an obligation towards helping many people in the best way I can, further my understanding on the various aspects related to a person’s mental well being, and be able to deal factors bearing potential influence on their well being. It is also my intention to offer my assistance to help people inculcate relevant skills and knowledge when dealing with the challenges in life. It is in my belief that the Indiana University of Pennsylvania is a competent institution with the capability of instilling in me the necessary knowledge and tools to help me achieve my ambition of a competent counselor.

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