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Discussion 1

Instructional Systems Design (ISD) refers to the creation of educational experiences that avail the opportunity to acquire knowledge and skill to enable students to become more efficient in their various fields of study (Amrit & McClean, 2005). This process involves the determination of the state and the specific requirements of the learner in question. It has several aspects and it requires goals and objectives in order to achieve the required results. ISD is based on psychology especially the behavioral and cognitive aspects that influence the learning ability of the student in question (Hodell, 2000). Several theories have come up that try to explain the various differences that arise in the process of teaching different students. Goal and objective are two words that are often used interchangeably even though they are completely different in meaning. A goal refers to the intention toward which a certain effort or undertaking is intended.

On the other hand, an objective is the target that a person’s actions are geared towards or something the person intends to accomplish. These two words are sometimes confused because their meanings are almost similar. However, in the context of ISD, they have distinct meanings that differentiate their usage (Bateman & Herr, 2006). In ISD, a goal is considered a long-term arrangement while an objective is thought to be short-term. This is because the goals encompass a larger aspect of the matter in question while the objectives are limited to immediate requirements of the people in question. Another difference is that goals are not strictly tangible or measurable and they may include some abstract components. Objectives are always tangible and measurable and never have abstract constituents. Reason being goals are the general things the organization needs to achieve eventually but the objectives cover the immediate needs of the organization that need to be realized in the period provided (LeBlanc, 2008).

Discussion 2

Human physiology


Fall 2012


DESCRIPTION: This course will discuss the different systems in the human body in detail

ORGANIZATION: Lectures will alternate with laboratory sessions every week.


1. To introduce the various systems present in the human body.

2. To orient the students on the functions of the various systems in the body and their functions

3. To ensure all the students partake in the laboratory lessons and participate as they are required during the lab lessons.

4. To ensure the students can apply the knowledge acquired in this course in their lives and future courses and even careers.

COURSE TOPICS                                                                                                 

            WEEK 1: General introduction to Human Physiology, outline of the body systems and their locations

            WEEK 2: Introduction of the circulatory system, its components and functions

            WEEK 3: Introduction to the genitourinary system, the organs involved in its functioning and their locations in the human body

            WEEK 4: Introduction to the nervous system, the organs and their components and the locations of the named organs

Discussion questions for each topic

            WEEK1: Students should name all the functions of the named body systems.

            WEEK 2: Students should identify the locations of the organs related to the circulatory system and a practical lesson pertaining to the same will be conducted.

            WEEK3: Students are expected to research on congenital anomalies relating to the genitourinary system and a practical lesson will be held to enable them to know the components of the system in question.

            WEEK 4: Students will be required to outline the functions of the nervous system and the different methods of transmission of nerve impulses to the body through the nervous system.















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