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Discussion 1

My options for evaluation or assessment of a course include the following;

a) All the exams should have an equal effect on the final grade the students gets.

b) The exams should also include other aspects such as a practical exam

c) Evaluation should be done truthfully by the students to improve the course delivery

There should be a balance between the evaluation and assessment of a course. This balance will ensure that the students take pleasure in the course and understand it more (Davidson, 2005). The creation of this balance should be done while the needs and opinions of the students have been taken into consideration. If this is done, the balance that will exist in the institution will be to the benefit of both the students and the instructors. Lack of this balance makes their performance poor since they do not understand the content in the course. In some courses, only one paper determined the final grade to be attained by the student. The rest of the exams and assignments done during the semester contribute very little in final grade of the student in question (Mathison, 2005).

This technique is very common in algebra and calculus courses. In such cases, the final exam determines about 80% of the total marks the student will get for the course. This is not fair since in the event that the student fails this final paper, he or she will fail the unit even though the previous papers were done considerably well. An alternative to this system would be to grant all the examination done in the course equal importance. This will ensure that if the student fails one of the papers, they will be able to compensate for it in the next one. For instance, the Continuous Assessment Tests could be worth 40%, assignments should constitute 20% and the end of semester examinations the remaining 40%. Such an allocation would ensure impartial distribution of the marks of the students (Arter & McTighe, 2001).






















Discussion 2                                                                                                                           

Components of paper Poor (5 points) Acceptable (7 points) Good (10 points) Very good (15 points) Excellent (18-20 points)
Vocabulary and content (2 points) No use of terms recommended,

colloquialism and idioms

Few terms used and in incorrect context Adequate use of terms but no fluency Appropriate use of terms and paper is fluent Outstanding use of terms, proper linking of ideas, fluent
Concepts ( 3 points) No concept in work Unclear presentation  Inappropriate sequence  Properly integrated concepts Concept is clear innovative
Organization of ideas (3 points) Unclear, no thesis statement Clear thesis but not well explained Clear thesis but poor transitions Clear thesis, well explained Impeccable thesis exemplary explanation
Arguments used (3 points) Illogical argument No support from sources Support from weak sources Proper and logical argument Logical argument from scholarly journals
Resources used ( 3 points) No references Outdated references   Popular sources like Wikipedia Secondary sources used Predominantly recent journals


Grammar ( 4 points) Poor, full of mistakes Average, several mistakes Above average, some mistakes Proper, few mistakes good sentence structure Remarkable,, no mistakes and perfect sentence structure
Style of writing ( 2 points) Does not follow regulations MLA or APA Several mistakes in format Errors mostly in references Very few errors in the format No errors in the format


The assignment makes up a total of 20 points to be distributed according to the grading rubric provided above. The assignment has seven graded elements that will be marked in the paper that will be submitted to the teacher. Each of the examinable tasks has a certain number of points it will carry. The number of points for each task is indicated in the rubric. The total number of points achievable in this assignment is twenty (Arter & Chappuis, 2007).








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