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Psychology refers to the comprehensive study of mind and the conduct of humans. In daily life, we apply psychology in various areas such as education, employment and in relationships. In this manner, we realize that human behavior is a row data that verifies psychological theories. Psychology also is important in determining the cause of actions. This gives a clear portrait that our frame of mind relates with psychology. Commonly, psychology deals with emotions, language and memory .According to Barbara (1975), “psychological system includes those mental processes central to a person’s ability to make meaning of experiences and take action”. This gives an idea that life is all a matter of application of psychology. Psychology develops, as one grows old. This is evident where we cannot compare the mental capacity of child to that of a mature person. It is also through the science of mind we are able to detect mental impairment.

Many people in the past such as Ellen (2009) quoted that, “psychology explains the behavior as the product of thoughts and interpretations based on memory”. The actions of an individual would depict what he is suffering from. For instance, a depressed person acts and thinks differently compared to a person without depression. This is because a depressed person will experience irritation moods that go beyond normal misery. In a more elaborate approach, signs and symptoms are not only characterized by negative thoughts but also by the alteration of bodily functions. Possibly, we can help depressed people by offering emotional support such as patience, affection and understanding.

In the past, many psychologists used thoughts, cognition, emotions, recollections, imaginations and sensitivity to study the mind. A principle behind this was that, the mind especially of a human being was composite. Minds could not be studied well by the eye assessment. Thus, psychology was introduced to capture the idea regarding mind functionality. In a much wider perspective, we employ cognitive psychology. This relates to the mind processes, like how to memorize, ability to understand and solve problems. Numerous processes in psychology are facilitated by life experiences, such as talking to people and playing games. Psychology helps in relating to the forces of nature; adaptability to climate and other environmental changes are determined by the mind. According to Roz (1995), “pain perception is due to relationship between mind and body”. With reference to this, we understand that psychology plays key role in our daily lives.

Psychology also deals with stress. Stress is the body’s reaction to events that threaten normal physical functions of body. This reaction might be important for it helps us rise up to occasion and face our challenges. In many ways, stress has facilitated us to evade danger. It also aids in the development of new ideas that are useful in solving problems. Beyond a certain point of stress, we experience negative outcomes such as mood swing, bad relationships and low productivity. In essence, long-term exposure of stress may result to health problems. Heart attack and stroke are among the health hazards caused by stress. Signs of stress include moodiness, constant worrying and sense of loneliness, agitation together with inability to relax. The discomfort that arises due to stress is destructive; hence, we should surround ourselves with happy people in order to avoid stress.

Having got that stress has both positive and negative outcomes; there are ways in which one can cope with stress. The logic behind coping is to facilitate good health since stress occurs frequently in life. Coping is the ability to run those activities that convey stress. The main objective of coping is to alter or control the background that roots stress. The best part that arises in coping is when one realizes he has a solution to a situation that may cause stress. Many people having stress are affected severely because they perceive things to be out of control. Most   people who take things to be insurmountable mostly rely more on their emotions. This brings adverse health depreciation of which results to cancer. Economically, these health complications can be discouraging because they are costly.

Stress may also imply the harmful reaction to the pressures of life. With this suggestion, we can cope with stress by responding positively to the demanding circumstances of life. The daily demands of life such as providing daily for family needs may upshot stress. Coping with this kind of stress requires direct response without complains. Stress management is all about controlling our thinking and our emotions. As human beings, we should not allow emotions to control us. Emotions such as envy, jealousy and anger are unpleasant and hence should be avoided. Therefore, the alterations of our moods should not dictate our present or future happiness. Through this, we shall have controlled our emotions and therefore effective stress management. This is the most appropriate way for creating a peaceful environment. Another point to consider is that, the friends that you keep should not be intoxicated sequentially to avoid disarray.

Under stress management, we factor in relaxation of body and mind. This is done through having enough sleep during the night and having a calm posture. To cope again; one should be able to find harmony amid turmoil. Though this might be tricky, one should know how to apply defense mechanism to achieve joy. Another key factor to consider is patience. Many times when we over expect things and the answer contrary comes to our expectations, we become annoyed. We should be able and willing to accept any occurrences for us to cope in this life. Simple meditation can help a lot in coping stress. This involves deep calmness of the mind and the surroundings.

Defense mechanism is also a psychological tool in stress coping. It refers to the insensible intellectual progression geared to cut down nervousness. Defense mechanism is essential in the creation of self-image and self-admiration. They can as well be used to monitor emotions. Defense mechanism occurs for instance, when you do not want to feel offended after someone has wronged you. Occasionally, you may shout, sing, talk to a friend or play games. This way, you find yourself adapting to that kind of surrounding. The other area is on the self-identity. You should recognize yourself and deviate from humiliating scenes.

With reference to the above, we are also able to learn that people with mental impairment are dealt with by psychologists. In this happening, the conduct of the victim talks more about the mental status. To perform this, an intense examination is done to check the level of memory. As we have seen above, psychology is the comprehensive study of human mind and behavior. Many functions of the body relate to the mind and this gives psychology a key role. In as much psychology is concerned, human behavior is dictated by life attachments such as stress and depression. Stress is important in sharpening the mind of an individual. The negative effect of stress, which is health hazard, can be corrected through defense mechanism. Coping in life stress is the ability to control activities that bring stress. Thus, a person can successively cope with stress if he perceives life optimistically.

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