Posted: August 6th, 2013


Discussion 1

The most common assessment for students is tests. Schools prepare tests for students to evaluate how much they have comprehended up to a certain scope. One of the strengths of this assessment is showing the progress of students. The instructors are able to identify the problematic areas of every student. They also establish areas of strengths in the students. A weakness in this method of assessment is the students might be deceitful about their ability. Questions with multiple answers sometimes lead students to guessing the right answers if they do not know the correct answer. If they choose the right answer, the instructor will think they are good at those topics (Monroe, 2012).


Course Topics

Lettering and symbols, Orthographic projection, dimensions, threads, weldments, drafting geometry, basic drafting procedures and their equipment, introducing drafting with a computer, architectural drawings, pictorial drawing, development and auxiliary views (Goetsch  Goetsch, 2005).


The instructor is expected to attend all lectures in time since it will enable him to finish the syllabus in good time. Students should attend all lectures to avoid lagging behind in their academic work. They should maintain appropriate conduct during the classroom and corporate with the instructor. This course requires a lot of group work therefore; students should work well with each other (O’Brien, Millis & Cohen, 2008).

List full citations for required textbooks and information about coursepacks, case studies, and other materials.









Course Grading

81%-100% 61%-80% 41%-60% 21%-40% 0%-20%

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