Posted: August 6th, 2013


Discussion Post One

             The two types of evaluation are the formative and summative evaluation. Formative evaluation works towards improving the evaluation process. The formative evaluation is divided in to two processes. These are the implementation and the progress process. The implementation process engages in activities such as the participant selection and the participant involvement. On the other hand, the progress process enables the participants to work towards the achievement of certain objectives. In contrast, the summative evaluation aids in reviewing the project’s success. This is done at the end of the project. It determines if the evaluation process can be said to have caused the project’s outcome. It also assesses the actual costs involved in the project. The summative evaluation determines the project’s goals being reached, participant’s satisfaction, profits and effectiveness. This process determines whether the process should be repeated (Burke, 2010).


The formative evaluation process will help in gauging the importance of the tests. In addition, it will also help teachers to set the tests and the key topics on which to focus. This is possible since the teachers know the strengths and weaknesses of the students. Therefore, they may focus on the topics in which the students find difficulty. This aids in perfecting the formative process. The summative evaluation process will then be used to determine if the overall curriculum had value. This will be done after the students have taken the different tests. The summative evaluation process also enables the determination of whether the student’s goals have been reached. It will enable teachers to know whether the curriculum contributes in the student’s success. This assessment provides information on the students. The information concerning the students enables the instructional designers to know whether the curriculum is valuable to the learners. If so, it will be assumed that the curriculum content presented is adequate (Educational Testing Service, 2004).

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