Posted: August 5th, 2013


Discussion Post One

Cognitive Theory

Cognitive theory enables learners to process data, by studying the cognitive system and the structure of information. This theory is used to design techniques of instructions that help learning. For example, the split attention and the goal free effects. These effects enable the amount of time taken, in training, to be reduced and enhance test and transfer problems performance. I would teach students how to transfer and use their knowledge practically, especially in the jobs they acquire through the minimalist training. This kind of training has three principles.


The process of validating a theory is different from that of generating the theory. His studies lack the evidence to validate MI existence. Gardner does not provide proof to support his claims that his theory is supported by cognitive systems. In his claims of support of modules on MI, Gardner does not specify which how each of the multiple intelligences has been supported by these modules (Smith). The theory of multiple intelligences is applied in education, through the belief that there is a difference in children’s minds, where a child may be weak at a certain area but be strong in another. For example, one could have mathematic intelligence but lack verbal intelligence. Among the intelligences that can be used in education include linguistic, naturalistic, mathematical, kinesthetic, musical, intrapersonal, spatial and interpersonal intelligences. Thus, each child will show intelligence in one of these categories.

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