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Posted: August 12th, 2013






Impact of loss of parents on their children

            Life would be remarkably different if we all lost both parents simultaneously. I lost both my father and mother when I was 22 in a tragic car accident. My experience in life after the accident lasted over two years before I was fully recovered. In this period, I have made new friends, acquaintances and contacts that have proven useful later in life. In my time trying to come to terms with the reality, I have also made many decisions that have been successful. All these achievements have been made possible through persistence, friendship and hard work. Apart from academic success, the loss has contributed significantly to my increased awareness of the value of long life. Parents are a guiding and supporting factor and thus, they hold the key to either the success or failure of their children. Children develop physical and emotional bonds with their parents from birth to adulthood and the loss of one or both parents weighs heavily on the lives of the children left behind in terms of the financial burden and the loneliness

The loss of parents exposes children to new perspectives concerning their livelihood, family and sustenance. Most survivors of such losses react negatively to the new conditions where the parents are absent from their lives. I managed my situation by openly welcomed any opportunity to meet new academicians, further my knowledge and improve on what I already know. Personally, the loss has made me take on new challenges that have been entertaining as well as educative. The loss of parents is difficult in that it gives the added challenge of living without people for companionship, support and encouragement.



Have you ever wondered where you would be without your parents?

                        I. Discussion on how people lived with parents before their loss

II. The effect of loss of parents on personal and professional life of children

                        III. The importance of parents in the life of an individual

                        Transition: Give examples of how parents influence the lives of a child.


I.  Psychological, emotional and physical changes in being an orphan

A.  The type of life led prior to the loss of parents.

B.  Events leading to parents’ death and the subsequent orphan status

C. Life after loss of parents

Transition: My parents’ influence on my personal life

II. The effect of the car accident on personal and professional life

A. Personal affects that lack of parents has on me.

B. Professional affects that lack of parents has on me

C. My reactions to these differences in the lifestyle without parents

Transition: Giving a summary on the importance of parents

III. Discuss the importance of parents.

A. Guides, advices and consoles you through difficult or challenging times

B. Provides financial and moral support


I.  I discussed with you on how my parents died in a car accident.

II. I have explained how the loss had an impact on my life.

II. I will finish by discussing the significance of parents in the lives of individuals.


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