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Posted: October 17th, 2013



Public Transportation: Streets & Sidewalks on1300 block of Lapwing Road




Public Transportation: Streets & Sidewalks on1300 block of Lapwing Road

       Transport is considered as one of the most essential social amenities, which a government is tasked with providing to its respective populace. Transportation means have changed over the years into faster, reliable and efficient means. This is among one of the main reasons there is an increase in the number of people using public means of transport as it is cost effective and highly efficient. However, the main issue revolving around the various transportation means is the degradation of the transportation means such as railroads, highways, sidewalks and curbs.

For an individual such as Barbara who is unable to use her only private means of transport has an option of using public means of transport such as train services or bus services. However, this is a challenge given that she is unable to jostle for seating positions in the various public means of transport. Additionally given she has two children under her care she needs a means of transport that is fast and reliable such that she is able to access her place of work, back to her house with ample ease, and speed (City of Edmond, 2012).

On the other hand, she could provide her two grandchildren with an option of using their respective school transportation means, which would ensure their safety. This is in comparison to using means such as bicycles to arrive in school given the risks associated with road incidences as well as the rates of crime in the city and the surrounding areas. The school transportation availed is adequate for the two grandchildren because it would ensure their timely arrival in school as well as their safety. In addition, the school bus also provides for accommodation of students with disabilities making it comfortable for people with both abilities and disabilities.

Furthermore, other means of movement or transport such as using bicycles are possible given that, the city has adequate sidewalks, which could be used by the children in movement within the neighborhood. It is also evident of the risks associated with walking to school because of the presence of a fallen tree. This has led to the damage of the sidewalk and curbs, thus hampering the movement of people such as Barbara and her grandchildren. This also poses a safety risks to handicapped individuals because of the lack of avenues for movement (City of Edmond, 2012).

Furthermore, movement at night would be a risk in that the presence of a fallen tree could pose risks to injuries or harm. This is dangerous for an individual like Barbara in their prime ages that might have chronic illnesses and difficulties in movement. Thus at her age, she should be limited to us of public means of transport because of the risks associated with driving and specifically an old and unreliable vehicle. On the other hand the movement in city and its surroundings ins easier because of the presence of adequate lighting, presence of sings indicating direction as well as caution for areas under construction. For instance, there is the presence of a road sign “Road Work 1500Ft”. Such sings are vital for alerting pedestrians, drivers and the entire community of the possibility of risks to their health and physical wellbeing from the road construction activities (City of Edmond, 2012).

Barbara has the possibility of facing difficulties in using public means of transport all of which are attributable to her regular use of individual means of transport. She might find the change unappealing in terms of the presence of people from different backgrounds and of varied caliber. Additionally, she might be unable to use the means because of time constraints in terms of the need to arrive early at work and at her residence. This is attributable to the presence of two children under her care to whom she must attend to with care and punctuality (Healthy, 2012). This is brought about by toe distance from Barbara’s home to the bus stop, which is approximately 12 minutes walk. This is a substantial distance towards the main road. Additionally, Barbara is at an old age and movement is a delicate issue for her. She is in need of a means of transport that suits her time or schedule as well as one which enables her to observe her health and not exposure of her body to strenuous conditions such as long walks.

The inability of Barbara to access public transport with ease is an indication of the dire need by the city’s transportation services to ensure the availability of such services to a wider part of the community. This is essential in that it provides other people such as Barbara and the rest of the populace with an avenue to engage in their individual activities with efficiency and ease. It would accrue new revenue streams for the authorities and thus enhance the development projects undertaken by the authorities within the community. The availability of city transport services on the highway is an indication of the limitations of transport services in the city. This should be challenged through the provision of additional services into other interior parts of the community (City of Edmond, 2012).

1300 Block of Lapwing Road is a good place to live given that it has a clean and serene environment. However, issues of transport are a major concern in that potential residents usually evaluate the accessibility to social amenities such as public means of transport. This is a major factor in that it determines an individual’s movement from one location to another such as movement from place of residence to the workplace and movement from the workplace to an individual’s residence (City of Edmond, 2012).

Conclusively, the neighborhood is a good place to live given that it has low levels of crime and is clean which provides children and individuals with the much-needed safety and serenity. Barbara should also perform driving tests to evaluate her competency at her old age. This is essential in that it enhances her safety as well as the safety of others such as the pedestrians, other drivers and maintains the infrastructure put up by the city council of the City of Edmond.


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