Question and review for a study

Posted: September 3rd, 2013

Question and review for a study







Question and review for a study


What is the main reason for the youth being injured in the farm? The other question is why do parents expose their children to risky tasks on the farm. What are the rules and regulations of NAGCAT, both existing and proposed? What are the different categories of farm injuries? Is there any relationship between the injuries and the tasks performed? Lastly, why have the injuries reduced over the last few years? What are the main reasons for the reduction of these injuries?

Peer Review

The study is extremely informative, but some areas need to be improved due to the gaps that have been left unanswered. This question is direct in the section significance of the problem. The study has only indicated the statistics of the different injuries. Secondly, in the section, it has indicated the different age groups that are affected by the problem. This is good, but it has left out the reasons as to why these youths are injured. Working on the farm does not offer enough reason for the injuries. There are other reasons like ignorance of the parents, lack of protective gear and many others (Committee on Injury and Poison Prevention and Committee on Community Health Services, 2001). When this is included in the section, it will add quality since the reader will have the feeling or gain the reason why the study should be done. Therefore, the question what are the main causes of these injuries should be included in the significance of the problem.

According to the study, in the section parent influence, the study has explained that the parents know that the tasks are risky but they ignore this fact. In reality, no parent would give their children risky tasks. Parents are human beings, and they have feelings for their children, hence, they only consider the best for their children. The study should consider including the reason why parents give their children risky tasks. In this case, the study will show readers whether the parents need to be educated on the NAGCAT rules or not.

The study is concentrating on whether the population living and working in the farms should be educated on the NAGCAT rules or not. The study has correctly indicated the need for the study but the study has failed to indicate the different NAGCAT rules. This is both the existing rules and the proposed rules. The reader of the study is only informed about the study but nowhere in the study have the rules been outlined. If the rules are indicated for the readers to see in the study, both the existing and the proposed, will have an opinion on whether it would be important to educate the people or not. This will increase the quality of the study. Therefore, an outline of the NAGCAT rules should be included in the study.

Additionally, the study has only put in general the different injuries that occur in the farm. However, the study has not indicated the magnitude of the injuries. This is because there are minor injuries and life threatening injuries. It would be better if the study gave the statistics of the minor injuries and life threatening injuries. This by itself will indicate the tasks that are risky and those that are not risky. Additionally, it will show the areas which people should be educated on if the study finds that there is a need for education. Finally, it will help to categorize the different injuries with tasks involved in the duty. For instance, a peer review study that was done indicated that there are injuries, which are preventable, serious and minor (Lueder & Rice, 2008). This study will help improve the quality of the study.

The study should include a section that shows why the injuries have reduced for the last few years. The thesis statement states that ‘although the number of agricultural related injuries in youth has declined in past years, these injuries remain as a public health concern.’ In this case, though not that important to the study, it would be qualitative enough if the reasons that have caused the reduction in the injuries were to be indicated (Committee on Injury and Poison Prevention and Committee on Community Health Services, 2001). This is because it can be used for educational purposes if the results show that education will reduce injuries on the farm.



Committee on Injury and Poison Prevention and Committee on Community Health Services, (2001). Prevention of Agricultural Injuries among Children and Adolescent. American Academy of Pediatrics, 108 (4), 1016-1019.

Lueder, R. & Rice, V. B. (2008). Ergonomics for Children: Designing Products & Places for Toddlers to Teens. New York, NY: Taylor & Francis.

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