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The song from Andalucia is identical in that it uses similar instruments. The music is also identical to the Old Russian song in that they are performing to illustrate their culture. There is also pitching sounds by the singer and performer, which could be used to illustrate the varying situations depicted in the themes of the song. In addition, the song also involves interactions form the audiences urging her to continue with her performance. Essentially the song is a cultural performance from the sounds of the guitar, which are synonymous with Andalucía. There is also movement in the song to illustrate the presence of dance to the song.

Kan Marau enforces his gypsy roots in his music by providing the audience with the elaborate sounds of instruments synonymous with the gypsy culture. The music is jovial and lively and is used to make merry, as the sounds are fast to encourage movements and dance by the singer to the audiences. Additionally, the music is also an incorporation of various sounds from a variety of instruments to give the varied levels of pitch of the singers’ voices in the music. In addition the fast pace of the music is used to illustrate the fast paced movements of the gypsy culture in their dance.

3. Among The Gypsies has provided many insights in terms of the gypsy culture as well as the values of people in society. The gypsies essentially have been exposed to difficult living conditions in the various societies, which they are considered as migrants. They have been subjected to segregation in terms of access to equal employment opportunities as well as ensuring that they are able to access adequate social amenities. Essentially the gypsies have been longing for access to opportunities, which they were prohibited to accessing by the various communities they inhabited. Why the gypsies have been subjected to inhumane treatment and discrimination? Why has the world allowed such treatment to continue?


The Rom people in the movie have similar issues affecting hem in terms of the access to resources and social amenities in their respective communities. This is also the same for the gypsies who are unable to access the various communities. However, they have varied cultural practices, which make them distinct in terms of conduct and values upheld.

The Rom define a good musician as one who is able to articulate culture and messages into his songs. In essence, a good musician should be able to instill good morals and ethics into the respective audiences through hi songs as well as performances.

Nombi is a song from the Duruma tribe in the coast of Kenya. The song is essentially a sacred song as it is used to give praise and acknowledgement to God for the existence of life and all things in surroundings of humankind such as nature. On the other hand, Kuchanya is from a churchwomen’s choir of Tanzania. The song is also a sacred song as it provides the audience with rhetoric questions in terms of making decisions, which could determine the eternal life or future of an individual in his life. The song urges the audience to seek righteousness and the narrow path irrespective of the difficulties associated with this path.

Jino La Pembe is a Swahili song from Tanzania, which uses cultural music to give advice to the audience. The singer seeks to persuade the audience to observe the virtues of humility and avoiding praise and pretence in the society. In addition, she urges the audience to cease from being cowards by using individual brains. Wed Today on the other hand is composed is Nairobi Kenya. The musicians of this song question the cultural values, which were in existence in the past. They question the modern marriage in terms of the erosion and perversion of morals within marriages. Modern marriages have become formal institutions without the presence of consideration of the cultural values, which were in existence as well as the need for perseverance to make issues work in a marriage

The four songs identified mainly talk about the presence of culture in terms of respect for God and for upholding virtues. East African culture could be considered as culturally sensitive with respect for their values.


Mbube is a song by Solomon Lindy. The song is performed by a choir made up of individuals with varied vocal intonations. The variety provides the audience with the authentic African musical scene. It is evident of the incorporation of culture in the intonations of the song without the use of any form of musical instruments.

NgingenweEmoyeni, is a song by the South African band or choir by the name Ladysmith Black Mambazo. The song is sacred song, which seeks to engulf the audience in a spirit of worship towards God. The song provides clarified changes in the voices of the members to give the audience the feel of a live choir band.

ManaoMahavelo is also a song by a choir. From the song, it is evident of the lack of any form of musical instruments. The choir relies on the varied vocal abilities of the members to provide the rhythm to the stumping of the feet. The feet stumping id used with an aim to ensure that, the members are able to sing with the rhythm of the song.

Isamabele is a cultural song, which praises the local beer. The song uses a traditional instrument to provide the rhythm of the song as well as the vocal tones of speed of pronunciation of words of the singer. He seeks to engage the audience in his merry making efforts and praise to the local brew.

Essentially these African artists dully deserve compensation as they rightfully and legally own the music, which they have composed. Hence, it is ethically and morally appropriate to ward them compensation for the infringement of their rights in terms of suing the music without their consent for profit making purposes.



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