Rational self determination

Posted: August 29th, 2013





Rational Self Determination

            The positive concepts surrounding autonomy involves complying with the ethical principles in which a person recommends for himself. This means that the liberty found in one’s will is based on the acquired independence. The will is termed as liberal since it is not established using external factors and hence becomes defined by internal factors. For example, an individual with independence can give him the liberty in decision-making and hence one’s personal understanding becomes the evaluating factor of what is ethical or unethical. The concept of autonomy is similar to that of rational self-determination, where rationality is perceived in its constricted logic.

The significance of autonomy in individuals can therefore, be used as a means to show the relevance of rational self-determination. The act of becoming rational involves a person having the ability to make sound choices independently. However, self-determination involves making personal or individual choices on thinking, behaving or doing something in a particular manner. For example, a teenage girl can decide to take a pregnancy test without confiding or checking with any person. However, in rational self-determination, an individual is required to have a sound or logic purpose and be alert of the logic behind his determination when making the personal decisions.

The connection between self-determination and independence brings in the significance of rational self-determination through representing the liberty of will. The significance is drawn from the benefits obtained from free will including the freedom to make decisions without hindrance from limitations set in a particular environment. The liberation is significant for identifying and analyzing the origin of the system involving people’s beliefs. It is essential to establish why an individual possesses certain desires and the means in which he allows or refutes their mode of origination. As a result, the basis on which personal decisions are made is well comprehended.

Freedom in the place of rational self-determination alerts the individual on his reasons for deciding to act or behave in a particular manner. The individual is able to comprehend that he must have certain grounds for doing certain actions alongside the desires he possesses that are autonomously identified from his known wants and inclinations. Rationalized self-determination is very significant especially in developing certain significant skills required in an individual.

This is because it involves applying abilities such as boldness, originality, self-advocacy and decision-making in daily life experiences. Self-determination is witnessed when a person takes control or responsibility of her own life. In this case, a person should be acquainted with setting goals, evaluating alternatives and making sound decisions. Although this process can appear as difficult for beginners, growth eventually takes place through learning and practicing the required skills.

The view of rational self-determination where people are expected to base their decisions on logical grounds minimizes the cases of unsolvable inconsistencies. In addition, people develop honest attempts in perceiving things from views of other people. Autonomy is considered important because it gives people free will in making judgments in various situations. However, it is important to restrict that freedom when based on rationality since a society developed with irrationality could lead to individuals suffering greater consequences in the future.

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