Re admission to my university

Posted: August 6th, 2013

SUBJECT: Re admission to your university

            I am writing to request for readmission into your esteemed institution. I was suspended from the university due to unsatisfactory grades and missing classes. Among the reasons why I could not keep up with class, is because I am a foreigner and not fully conversant with the language. Being a Venezuelan, English is my second language. When leaving my country, I felt I was fluent enough not to be left behind during lectures, but, unfortunately, the language barrier became my first hindrance. I could not understand fully what the lecturers were saying thus even writing class notes were a problem. Since I could not speak fluent English, I was afraid to ask for help in class. I was also afraid to seek help from academic centers because I thought I would be judged, or worse, criticized on my accent.


I assure the board that I have learnt my lesson. I will not be any trouble and intend to be a model student. I have known the value of education. I will not take it for granted if I am given a second chance. I will work hard and make sure my grades never suffer again.

Thank you for your consideration.

Yours faithfully,



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