Reading Response, Appearances

Posted: November 27th, 2013

Reading Response, Appearances







Reading Response, Appearances

Appearances is an article under the authorship of Carmen Vasquez whose ideas are based on issues outlining how gays and lesbians are handled in San Francisco. Vasquez elaborates on issues of homophobia and its causes hence, the reason for writing such an article is to plead or encourage change. From this, it is plain that the author’s main point is focused on clearing problems being experienced in San Francisco, in particular those related with gay practices and lesbianism (Vasquez, 2009). Vasquez seems to be against such behaviors and therefore she is actively involved in motivating people to change for the best. This can be seen through her efforts in her lobby for lesbian and gay movements periodically. The author explains her points by using daily life illustrations and relating the same to her views. In addition, she also points out some dangers or ways that people act against individuals noted as either lesbians or gays. Therefore, Vasquez aims to outline the complexity of understanding homophobic violence within San Francisco.

In my opinion, the problem of homophobic assaults or violence has been on the increase worldwide. This occurs especially in settings that oppose lesbian or gay practices since different people carry out homophobic violence depending on cultural factors (Vasquez, 2009). Note that, various cultures have different views on issues attached to lesbianism and gay relations. For instance, my culture does not allow such behaviors because they tend to lower a community’s dignity in various ways. Therefore, when a man chooses to be a gay, he faces a lot of trouble because the community views him as under grading or lowering male’s dignity within the community. This is also the case regarding lesbianism.

However, instead of according such laws, I would suggest that better strategies should be made in dealing with such cases. This is because the lives of innocent people may be threatened in such instances, especially women. It is not easy to differentiate a woman who is a lesbian from the one who is not and neither is it easy to differentiate a gay and a normal man. This because there are some individuals who act like real men yet they are gays (Vasquez, 2009). Hence, using assumptions is not the right way to the given issues because it puts the life of every person under the threat of violence, isolation, and hatred. Therefore, it is extremely necessary that every young person identifies his or her potentials free, from the stigma, violence and alienation that are attached to such inclinations.

I concur with Vasquez that education programs dealing with the same should be provided especially to the teenagers since most people tend to be affected with such characters while in the adolescent phase. In case any change is noted in a young child, it should be corrected at an early stage before it spreads. Young schoolchildren are major victims of lesbianism, gay practices and bestiality because they are exposed to different views and characters from different cultures (Vasquez, 2009). For instance, a lot of peer pressure and curiosity is noted amongst this growth group. Therefore, early education against such issues may help a lot in eliminating such issues hence reducing homophobic assaults or threats in coming years.

Individuals bearing such sexual inclinations should act as autonomous in their decisions and expressions and accept their relations rather than living in privacy in order to help protect their individualities from harsh words and attacks (Vasquez, 2009). Therefore, to overcome the battle of reducing or eliminating challenges noted such as homophobia and strictness of gender roles, the government, community and the society as a whole should create a synergy that will find relevant solutions and betters ways of handling such issues. Therefore, I agree with the author in terms of her illustrations and standpoints with regard to the same as they offer succinct ideas and analysis.


Vasquez, C. (2009). Appearances. New York, NY: Bedford/st Martins.


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