Posted: November 26th, 2013


Thesis: The different ideas found in Redemptor Hominis

  1. I.                   INHERITANCE
    1. A.    At the close of the second millennium

This has spoken about Jesus Christ the son of God. He sent Him to redeem us from our sins.

  1. B.     The first words of the new pontificate

It is in the last days of Jesus Christ where he tells his disciples that it is better for Him to go than to stay. He has promised to send them, the spirit of the truth to guide them.

  1. C.    Trust in the spirit of true love

In this part, he speaks about the spirit of true love. This is where the church teaches of love. This love also brings unity.

                     D.  Reference to Paul VI’s first Encyclical

It talks about the openness of the church. He also talks about salvation and that this is what God desires.

  1. E.     Collegiality and apostolate

He speaks of the unity in the church and among the apostles. The structures of the church are brought about clear in this section.

  1. F.     The road to Christian unity

This is the coming up of the Christian community. It shows the teaching of Jesus Christ in uniting the people.

  1. II.                The mystery of the redemption 
    1. A.    Within the mystery of Christ

It has explained the reasons as to why to follow Jesus Christ.

  1. B.     Redemption as a new creation

This part shows the need why Jesus Christ, the son of God was born.

  1. C.    The divine dimension of the mystery of the Redemption

It is explained better in this part about why Jesus had to die and be crucified.

  1. D.    The human dimension of the mystery of the Redemption

It shows how God has given love to man in the form of man that is Jesus Christ

  1. E.     The mystery of Christ as the basis of the Church’s mission and of Christianity

Since all of us believe in Christ therefore becoming Christians, we must meet and we meet in the churches. This part explains this mystery.

  1. F.     The Church’s mission and human freedom

This section indicates how church has taught us to respect Christ and how this has bought our freedom. The church has shown that it is the truth, which has led to our freedom.

    1. A.    Christ united himself with each man

It talks about how Christ is the way and a connection between God and us. It also indicates ways in which Christ was brought to this world and how he behaves as a man.

  1. B.     For the church always lead to man

The Church acts as the teacher or the guide to man. This part explains how the church guides the man.

  1. C.    What modern man is afraid of

The man is afraid of his production even though he creates them with his own intellect and will.

  1. D.    Progress or threat

This is the progress in which man is moving and not the things he has acquired and the threats that are involved.

  1. E.     Human rights: “letter” or “spirit”

It is how to treat another man. In the modern world like in the first century, there was a lot of torture and originations were created to help in educating people on human rights.

    1. A.    The church as concerned for man’s vocation in Christ

The Church is referred to sometimes as a body. It is used to symbolize the body of Christ and in it, man can get relief from all his sufferings.

  1. B.     The church as responsible for the truth

The Church sheds the light on the true interpretation of the Bible.

  1. C.    Eucharist and Penance

This is for uniting Christ in Heaven and uniting those in churches in the Christ.

  1. D.    the Christian vocation to service and kingship

This is the mission, which was the Christ kingly mission. It is the readiness to serve and become a good example of Jesus Christ.


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