Redundancy, Coherence, and Personalization Jigsaw

Posted: August 13th, 2013










Redundancy, Coherence, and Personalization Jigsaw













Part 1: Redundancy, Coherence, and Personalization Jigsaw

With regard to education, the redundancy principle holds that the use of audio and redundant text in explaining graphics has a negative influence on education especially when used simultaneously. It is one of various principles that provide insight on the effectiveness of learning using e-learning and other forms of education. The effect of redundancy comes about when two mediums containing the same information are used at the same time in order to explain a specific graphic. Therefore, it suggests using only one medium, either audio or on screen text to provide information on pictures. This principle affects learning aided by multimedia (Clark, 2011).

Just in time training was first formulated as a management strategy and refers to having the right material at the right time and place and in the correct amount. When used in education, it means a training resource in which the required knowledge and skills are provided for immediate use in order to prevent loss in preservation caused by a time gap. The main aim of this activity is to ensure the learners are able to retain the acquired knowledge.

One of the learning methods used in JIT training is the utilization of visuals meaning that there is use of images. This is a form of multimedia and the redundancy principle could be applied. The principle only works where there are graphic images as it involves using on screen text and verbal narrations in order to influence knowledge. For instance, take a situation where a medical class requires illustrations on how to inject an insulin patient. A narration or text is required to explain the methodology even though only one should be used.

Challenges will arise in case both methods are used. It prohibits the learners from clearly grasping the information at hand a factor that goes against the main purpose of JIT. JIT is implemented to provide learners with quick information that they need to practice immediately. Therefore, applying the redundancy principle hinders retention of this knowledge.

Part 2: Business/Institutional Needs

Situation B

One of the problems presented in this situation is that there is one person managing a large number of personnel. This poses a challenge in terms of communication when there are new policies and procedures. Additionally the process of passing information on these new developments can be time consuming. Another problem is that most of the policies and procedures are not to be implemented immediately. This means that time and resources are wasted in offering the required training needed for the preparedness of the staff. Since the trainings are most likely done each time new developments arise, pressure is put on the staff in order for them to remember everything they are taught at any given time.

The school needs a new system whereby there are clearly defined paths of communication, and a method of training that fulfills the current needs of the staff and their employers. A solution would be to offer training to the staff depending on the immediate needs of the employer. This means that instead of training them on procedures that are not required at the moment, they should instead do so when they need those procedures to be practiced at once. JIT training is the best alternative because it eliminates the need for refresher training due to loss of knowledge if the training precedes over a long period, the time of application of the skills.

The reason for this solution is to improve efficiency of the staff with regard to applying the procedures and policies required of them (Jacobs, 2003). Additionally, JIT is appropriate for this situation because of its underlying benefits such as a reduction of costs and increasing coordination among the staff. The money spent on numerous trainings will be restricted to the times when actually needed, and the information to be communicated to the staff will then be passed efficiently in terms of time.


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