Reflection: David Cole on Dr. Fraciszek Piper’s Information

Posted: October 17th, 2013





Reflection: David Cole on Dr. Fraciszek Piper’s Information

            In his quest of finding out what really took place in the largest concentration camp ran by the Germans in Auschwitz, Poland, David Cole takes a trip to Auschwitz, Europe. This 1992 trip took place in order to investigate the proof held that the mass murder in the gas chambers were unquestionable. In the series of videos, Cole raises the inconsistencies of the stories or the proof given by the tour guides and what he had read in the books concerning the Holocaust. For example, he raises concern when there is a contradiction in Elisha’s story (tour guide) and the guide supervisor’s story concerning the holes on the roof and the structure of the chamber. The tour guide said that the holes were originally there while the supervisor stated that the holes were put after the war. The tour guide also said that there were no partitioning walls present while the structure showed evidence of partitioned walls that were once there but removed.

Although the mass murders in the main concentration camps have been taught as the unquestionable truth for many years, Cole, among other revisionists, have brought a new perception on the topic and shown that what was known to be unquestionable can be questionable. As earlier stated, the holes where the Zyklon B gas was said to be passed through may have been put after the war by the Soviet Union in order to authenticate their murder story. Cole further proves that the chamber may not have been originally a chamber, but rooms that were used as bathrooms. There were manholes present and the evidence of partitioning walls that had been destroyed. Cole also shows a number of restructurings that may have taken place either during the war or post the war.

Although Cole states that the only evidence available is from witnesses whose information may lack credibility, it is also significant to take notice of the evidence from these witnesses may be as important. What they say is what they saw. If it were a few survivors giving contradicting information, then it would be proven otherwise. However, many survivors have information that suggested the existence of such mass murders. However, the numbers of deaths may have been exaggerated. It was estimated that the death toll was over four million people. However, Dr. Franciszek Piper, a great revisionist of the Holocaust, confirmed that the numbers were approximately 1.1 million deaths.

Dr. Piper gives an explanation of how the restructuring took place. According to Dr. Piper’s explanation, after the liberation, the gas chamber was restructured in order to act as an air shelter. It was then restructured once more in order to gain the view of the original 1941-1942 gas chamber. This is why there seems to be wall partitions in the main chamber. The holes in the roofs were also restructured and that is why they do not look original.

Although Cole gives his own doubts concerning the chamber and the alleged transfer of prisoners’ bodies to Birkenau, there is more to be revealed about the existence of the gas chambers and the Holocaust incidences. All these witnesses may not have just decided to pick a story and tell all on their own without having a reason to. Cole argues that the presence of the pictures of piles of shoes and clothing may have been from the prisoners since they were given clothing and shoes on arrival. The Zyklon B was used to control lice and other pests among the inmates. This may be true. Nevertheless, Cole must also observe that the clothes and the shoes may have come from the prisoners who may have entered the chambers under the pretense that they were going to take a bath, as revisionists write in the various books. As he says at the beginning of the puzzle, this is only a piece of a larger puzzle.

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