Reflection on The Devolution of the World (Hopi, North America)

Posted: October 17th, 2013





Reflection on the Devolution of the World (Hopi, North America)

The religious beliefs of the Hopi are related to other forms of worship. The most evident relationship is the presence of a supernatural being. The Hopi people worship a being called Taiowa. Similarly, other religious communities also believe in a God who is the giver of their lives. Therefore, they are obliged to worship Him. The people and animals were expected to respect their creator, as this is a form of worship. This is also a common feature in other communities. The creator gives rules to His subjects, and they abide in them. The hierarchy of the Hopi people starts from their creator. The next is a man called Sotuknang who was first to be created. After the man was given life, a woman was also created. She was called spider woman and she gave birth to several other offspring and created other organisms like plants and animals.

The Hopi religion has similarities and differences with Christianity. The two religions believe in the existence of a supernatural being. Christians believe that God is their creator, whereas Hopi believes in Taiowa. Both religions believe that their supernatural beings are their sources of life. The Hopi say that Taiowa created a man who brought forth a woman to be a helper. Another common belief is that the helpers were part of men’s bodies. Some differences are Christians do not believe that the woman was created by man. They believe that she was created using part of man’s ribs. Hopi believe the woman came from the man’s body. Another difference is Christians believe that all creatures with life were created by God. The Hopi believe that the rest of the offsprings and animals were created by the spider woman.

The secular world differs a lot with the religious one. Some of the people who are not religious believe that there is no supernatural being. They explain the existence of man using science. Part of non-religious people feel obliged to follow God’s rules. This is regardless of whether they believe in God’s existence or not. Religious people believe in another better life after death. The non-religious are not concerned about. They argue there is no evidence to confirm it.

Reflection Paper on Orality

Orality is a mode of communicating verbally. This method is common in communities where majority of the people are not technology literate. Speech vitality suggests that the speech has life. It is considered this way because there is the presence of a speaker. If the speaker is absent, there will be no speech. A major religion-distinguishing feature is place contrasted with space. It is not possible to get two identical places, but space is identical to everyone. Another feature is experiencing the influence non-verbal links like historical religions. They are mainly founded on ideas that segregate divine windows. The traditional people have beliefs, which make them feel sacred. However, they go wrong when they just remember the vital things and forget the rest. It is unwise not to interact with the rest of the community. Interaction ensures security.

For example, in Australia when Kurnai visits walkabouts, they are attracted by a number of things, which are attractive. For instance, popular trees, rocks and springs. These features are considered special because they are not like the others. They are used to bring back legendary memories. The community that owned these features believed that God did not create anything manually. Instead, He ordered everything to be the way it is. The modern people think that the world was better in the early years, and it should go back to its initial state. The religious rites for renewal should be those that were done in the early years. In those years, the elders were respected because they maintained order. Today some leaders are despised because they are involved in corruption and other counts. Thus, the elders are more respected than their descendants are.

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