Reflection on Weight Loss

Posted: December 2nd, 2013





Reflection on Weight Loss

Decreasing my weight was an important part of determining my overall health. This is attributed to the prevalence of autonomous lifestyle diseases due to the abnormal body weight. Therefore, it was highly important for me to engage in a weight loss program that enabled me to lose my weight and coincidentally determine various factors that were intrinsic and determinant of my weight. Such factors include my height, weight and daily activity and consumption. By knowing about such factors, now I am able to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Foremost, my weight in kilograms (Kg) was 94 kg and my height in inches was 70, which translates to a measure of 5 feet 8 inches. In order to calculate my body mass index (BMI), I need to divide my weight in kilograms by my height in meters. Therefore, my BMI is 31.4 kg/m2. The Body Mass Index (BMI) determines whether a person is abnormally overweight, which is referred to as obese or has normal weight. If the BMI is lesser than 30, then the person is said to have normal weight. However, if the person has a BMI that is greater than 30, then that signifies that the person is overweight. Therefore, since my BMI is 31.4, then that means that I have to engage in a weight loss program in order to achieve normal weight.

Before embarking on the weight loss program, my eating habits were uncontrolled. For instance, my eating schedule for five days was completely different from the schedule I have presently. For instance, on the first day of the week, I could eat various foods that were considered fatty such as French Fries and Pizza as well as foods rich in proteins such as roasted chicken, beans and bread. My daily schedule was limited to such foods, which resulted into a high rate of carbohydrates. Therefore, my first-day intake analysis was Carbohydrates at 45, proteins at 17 and the total fat at 6.4. Additionally, my food energy level was at 256, the dietary fiber at 5 and the saturated and mono-saturated fat at 2.4 and 2 respectively. This analysis was the minimum intake I could achieve for five days, thus indicating that my calorie level was increasing after the first day.

My Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) was 1900 calories while my Daily Energy Expenditure (DEE) was at 1498. My DEE was attributed to the co-curricular activities I love engaging in such as playing badminton, wrestling and walking. However, the efforts that I put in the activities were negative. This is because I was able to play badminton for 20-30 minutes and walk for a maximum of 1 hour. Since my school owns a gymnasium, I usually took part I badminton with some of my friends after class and after that, walked home instead of taking the bus or using my bicycle. Due to the ineffectiveness of my workouts, I was able to change my workouts by engaging in extra and rigorous curricular activities such as basketball and soccer for 1 to 2 hours after school and during the weekends.

Such activities enabled me to increase my fitness level and even helped me change my diet by increasing beverages and fruits and limiting the amount of fatty foods. My attitude towards my weight changed since I discovered efficient ways of decreasing it through simple and enjoyable routines. I was able to reduce my BMI, which is currently at 26 kg/m2. Despite the disadvantages of my hectic school schedule, my dwindling self-esteem due to my obesity, laxity and procrastination tendencies, I was able to meet my objective of losing weight, which has enabled me to be active, fit and healthy.


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