Reflection paper

Posted: September 4th, 2013





Reflection paper

            After learning about global awareness, I have come to appreciate the sense of vision. The eyesight is a fundamental sense in our bodies. It enables us do everything. Without sight, most of the things would be difficult to do and some would be impossible. For example, it would not be possible to drive or fly an aircraft. When I watch the blind people, I notice they always struggle to do some activities. For example, when they are reading, they have to use special books. Many books are written and printed normally. However, blind students find it almost impossible to find resources that are printed in Braille as these are quite inaccessible.

Vision should not be taken for granted and it is not guaranteed. Those with sight should take care of their eyes and sight. They should eat healthy foods rich in nutrients for eyes and sight. It is our responsibility to help blind people in the society. We could help by donating fundamental facilities for them in their learning institutions. It is also important to help them in any other possible way. For example, helping them to walk across the road or anything else they need. Blind people are part of the society and they should not be set apart from other members of the community.

When carrying out the vision experiment, I noticed a few things. Immediately I was blindfolded, I felt confused fro the first few moments. Seeing darkness made me feel uneasy and completely different. It made me realize light is also an important element of sight and it enables us to see clearly. Regardless of having vision, it is not possible to see without light. Lack of sight triggers sad or other negative emotions. When I was blindfolded, I felt sad since I was incapable of doing my usual activities. Sometimes blind people feel disappointed by the community’s attitude towards them. They argue that people see them as inferior since they are disabled. Other individuals offer them mere pity as opposed to opportunities for which they are capable.

Individuals and the society have effect to the rest of the world. This mostly applies to people with disabilities. A good number of them feel alienated because of various reasons. For instance, there are inadequate public facilities for them. The society has the duty to accept them and assist them in every possible way. For example, organizing charity would help in supporting the welfare of the disabled. A society is a small unit globally and it can influence other societies in the world. Creating awareness ensures all the communities on a global scale are conversant with the issues.

Disabled people have a role in our society and they are not given enough attention. Some of them have great potential in many areas but they cannot exploit them. This happens because there are barriers. In many countries, there is a perception that disabled people are not capable. It is rare to get a leader with any major disability like vision. It becomes depressing for them since they feel the urge to exploit their potential (Powell, 89)

.           It is encouraging to see how the society and the world at large have supported disabled people. There are a good number of learning institutions in many countries. They help these people to become independent and fit in the community. For instance, Occasionally, Paralympics take place. Disable people from all over the world have a chance of participating. This is another way of how the society is effective globally. Diverse people meet and interact with each other. It is a good feeling when these people meet and share experiences. Such sports support disabled people financially. The participants are compensated attractively and this uplifts their living standards. Societies and communities should continue to support disabled people because they are part of the community. Some of them are relatives and close friends. We cannot just ignore them and watch them suffer.

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