Reform in immigration laws in USA.

Posted: November 28th, 2013





Reform in immigration laws in USA.

Reforms in the immigration laws are being delayed because the congress is taking too long to discuss about them. The citizens feel that this is a matter that can easily be presided over and solved. It is becoming a critical issue because it is affecting the economy, medical care, employment, education and security as a whole. Immigration policies that do not control the population will lead to overpopulation in the country. Sooner or later, the country will be straining on its facilities and governance will be difficult. The congress needs to look into where exactly the problems are arising and deliberate on the solutions. This is the only way the immigration department will be able to practice control (Bergsten, 23).

The immigration law of United States of America should be changed. The first reason should be because of the economy. Immigration plays a very big role in the economy. The aliens who come to reside or live in the country contribute to the growth of the economy. If the aliens are characterized with being poor and depending on relatives, they will not enhance growth of the economy. If a population of immigrants is coming into the country and is highly skilled it will be an asset. This is what the country mainly expects of the immigrants. For instance, during the recession, high skilled labor like entrepreneurs and investors were a great asset because it did not rely on employment. In fact, they assist in providing employment. On the other hand average income earners lost their jobs and experienced inflation. Some could not make any savings at all (Council of foreign relations, 34).

According to Hanson (45), between 1994 and 2004, US allow about one hundred and ninety five thousand highly skilled immigrants. Today, this rate has reduced to up to sixty five thousand. This is a big decline brought by the policy of immigration. If they would increase the rate of the highly skilled immigrants, then there would be a lesser population of dependants and average income earners. Between 1995 and 2005, there was a study undertaken. It was being done on ownership of businesses in the country. It was found that 52.4% of the businesses in Silicon Valley have a founder who was a foreigner. This shows how much the country is losing right now. With its current policies, they should be revised in favor of the economy. Some possible suggestion is give priority to the investors and entrepreneurs, because they contribute more to the economy. There would also be reduced illegal immigrants.

Policies and law enforcements regarding immigration are giving a loophole to illegal immigration. There is need for reforms, which will see this loophole is sealed. Voss & Bloemraad (57) found out that currently, there are about twelve million illegal residents in USA. These immigrants get their way through areas like entering the country illegally, continued stay even when the visa expires, and other violate the law of border crossing card. Some of the reasons which make people live in this country illegally, vary from person to person. Wasem (43) adds that the most common reason is because most people prefer living in USA. This is because they consider it to be a super power country with numerous opportunities. Research shows that more than one hundred and sixty five million adults in one hundred and forty eight countries, desire to live in USA. The rate at which this country is receiving illegal immigrants is so high and needs to be controlled.

Between four to five million people are prolonging their stay, despite the expiry of their visas. Another six to seven million people entered the country illegally. The least used illegal method is border crossing card which is used by about two hundred thousand people. It is estimated that about fourteen million people are living in families where the head is an illegal resident. All this violations of the immigration laws are happening because the current ones are not effective. The statistics on illegal immigrants are too high hence, need for reviewing the laws (Hanson, 67). Some of the suggestions that could be discussed when making reforms are increasing penalties for illegal residents when they are caught. Another solution is regular check up of employees in their work places. There are also students who are residents but not citizens. They too should be checked to ensure that they are studying in the schools legally. This will easily identify illegal residents and deport them.

The immigration system has not put enough emphasis on national security in its departments. This is evidenced by the way people are getting their way into the country, in an illegal way. This is how dangerous people like terrorists, smugglers and other criminals find their way into the country. Illegal commodities like drugs and weapons find their way into the country by means of smuggling. Some terrorists who have carried out major attacks come in as immigrants and plan attacks when they are in the country. Most of them use illegal means to get into the country. Before an applicant is granted a visa or green card, he or she must be done a through background check up. It would be possible to identify some criminals since they could be having bad records in their native countries (Bergsten, 72).

Enhancing security of the citizens will not only be in the country but also monitoring immigrants who come in the country. Undocumented employees would also get protection from exploitive employers. Some employers take advantage of immigrants instead of competing with other competitors genuinely. Employees whose visas have expired and they wish to prolong their stay should renew them and continue to live legally. This way they will protect themselves from employers who would exploit them because they are undocumented. If reforms would take place, security would be improved at border points and other entry points to the country. National security is a big challenge because it is not easy to detect terrorists’ attacks when they are being planned. By securing our entry points and more keenness when issuing visas, insecurity will be curbed (Council of foreign relations, 58).

Due to the uncontrollable immigration rate taking place, there have been a lot of problems in the labor market. There is competition of employment because the demand for labor is less than supply. This means that there are a lot of potential employees but the job opportunities are limited. The native citizens feel threatened because the immigrants are competing with them on these few opportunities. They do not only face competition in job opportunities but also getting reduced pays. This can only be changed through minimizing the number of immigrants who are admitted in the country (Voss & Bloemraad, 70). Again, the high skilled labor should be given priority, especially the entrepreneurs and investors. These two groups will add more opportunities to the already existing labor supply. Such changes will be possible when reforms are made.

It is very difficult to coordinate the security and intelligence agencies with the authorities. This is because there is not enough support towards solving immigration problems. Both the current and the previous eras of ruling have been trying to make reforms but it has been difficult. The intelligence agencies cannot work well with the authorities because there are so many obstacles in the immigration department. For instance, the intelligence agencies would find it hard to control the malpractices happening during immigration. If the government formulates more effective strategies to enhance immigration laws, maintaining law and order will be possible. All legal citizens should assist the authorities to report all the illegal immigrants. This will also help in reforming immigration in USA (Hanson, 98).

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