Posted: September 3rd, 2013






1.         Gender biasness has always affected the community since the time of our ancestors. According to the society, women are always regarded to be the weaker of the sexes. Women are not allowed to do many things and on the other hand, they are always expected to be obedient. This has made the men to have a superiority complex in the society. Amazingly, gender biasness is also practiced in different religions. In these religions like Islam and Judaism, women are not supposed to perform certain religious activities. This shows that religion is also affected by gender biasness. As a result, women are prone to psychological problems and on the other side, there is a contradiction to what God teaches.

When there is gender biasness in religion, one sex will feel deprived of its religious rights leading to serious consequences. In this case, Muslim women have been deprived of their religious rights by men for a long time. According to the Mullah, women are since to be uneducated. Additionally, women do not have the authority to perform any religious rituals. Moreover, they are not supposed to enter in the place of worship where men are worshipping. This is because they are seen to view men in a lustful manner causing a contradiction to the main aim of going to the place of worship. In this situation, women are psychologically affected.

The first psychological effect women develop is feeling that they are not worth in the eyes of Allah. They develop a belief that religion was built for the men only. Therefore, they tend to feel unwanted due to the circumstances created by the men. For instance, in the Mosque, women have their own place where they are supposed to stay during preaching. In this place, the women cannot see the preacher. The preacher does not involve them in his summons. It is worth noting that the preacher is always male because women do not play any role in the Mosque. The only time the preacher involves women is to tell them to keep quiet if they are making noise. In reality, this will tend to create a feeling of unwanted creating psychological problems to the women.

On the other hand, women have their own way of coping with these religious situations. Women in urban areas have become educated and have realized what is expected of them religiously. This is because they attend Quran teachings. Second, most of the Islam has adopted a new wave by abolishing the new trends to accommodate women in religion. Finally, there are duties that are bestowed to the women by religion. All the times, women are expected to perform their domestic chores of taking care of their families while the men provide for them. This way the women can see their importance in the society thus preventing the psychological effect of feeling unwanted by religion.

According to this situation, women are unequally treated by men when it comes to religion. Mullah thinks that women are uneducated thus they do not deserve to be taught about religion. This is not true because literacy levels among the women have risen by more than one hundred percent in urban areas and fifty percent in the rural areas. In this case, women have the right to be educated about religions is they are now literate. On the other hand, there are men illiterate men. Therefore, according to Mullah’s word this means should not be educate about religions.

Therefore, in such a situation, some of the Islam laws should be changed to accommodate the women in religion. For instance, women should be allowed to perform some of the religious ceremony both inside and outside the mosque. This will make the women fill equal and learn more about there religion. Second, Women should be allowed to have a same place with men in the Mosque. This will improve equality between the two genders and boost women’s morale. Therefore, I believe with this few amendments; it will reduce psychological effects affecting the women due to gender biasness in religion.

2.         According to the Minyan a small Jewish congregation, women are not supposed to participate in any form of religious rituals. For instance, in quorum of ten people in a congregation women are not counted as the members of that congregation. Additionally, women are not expected to participate in way to the motion of the congregation. This shows that women are side lined in the Jewish religious teachings of Minyan. Women are not supposed to perform religious teaching. This is where they are not supposed to be Rabbis. This proves that in Jewish there is a lot of gender biasness.

On the contrary, what men have described Jewish religions as is very different from their teachings. For instance, in their teaching God has chosen some women to be among the prophets. This shows that women are regarded as equal to men when it comes to religion if He can choose a woman to be among the prophets yet there are men in the congregation. In this case, I think that the Minyan men are contradicting themselves as compared to what their teachings are teaching them to do.

A very clear distinction can be observed about the Jewish people and their teachings. According to the Minyan men, women were not given any rituals. Their place in the religion was not defined because they are only expected to keep quiet in a congregation. Women are not expected to offer any teachings or interpretations on the word of God. Moreover, the women are not counted in a congregation irrespective of how many they are in the congregation. This shows that the Minyan men do not regard them as men. In this case, it shows how the Minyan men are extremely chauvinistic.

On the other hand, in their teachings God treats the women differently. God has given women ritual rights to perform. For instance, God gave Rosh Chodesh a reward for portraying faithfulness in Him. This shows that women can interpret or offer teachings to the Jews. Moreover, it shows that God consider women to be His people therefore, He offered them with rituals as compared to the Minyan men who do not consider them as people and fail to count them in a congregation. In this case, God has proven that women are worthy to be treated similarly, to how the men are treated. Therefore, in the eyes of God, men and women are treated equal, in religion and in their social life.

Finally, I believe there is a contradiction when the Minyans are choosing their Rabbis. This is because Minyans do not choose women to be Rabbis or leaders in a congregation. Neither do they choose women to interpret the word of God. On the other hand, God has chosen several women to be leaders and prophets. God has given women a more powerful role than what Minyans are refusing to let women do. For this reasons, I think the Jewish men are contradicting themselves with the teachings of God.


In the past, men were believed to be the superior sex as compared to the women. This was extended to all issues in the society. Amazingly, women were treated to be impure in religion. Therefore, they do not have a place in the religion. For instance, this has been happening even in the present world where are treated unequally in some religions. In Islam, I strongly believe that women are not treated equally leading to psychological effects and yet the men can do not better to change the situation. In Jewish religion, the men are doing contrary to what their teachings say. For example they have deprived the women the chance of interpreting the word of God or contributing to what they have learnt. This indicates that there is no equality in the two genders. However, if the men would agree to make amendments to some of the policies it will go along way in promoting equality in religion.

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