Religions Elements Martrix

Posted: September 6th, 2013

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Appendix H

Monotheistic Religion Elements Matrix





Countries of origin Judaism originated from eastern region of Canaan four thousand years ago. Currently this land is the Israel and Palestine. Judaism started with Abraham. Christianity originated from Nazareth in Israel. When Jesus preached in Nazareth, he started Christianity and it spread around the world. Islam began in Saudi Arabia in the seventh Century. It is the youngest religion but one of the greatest religions in the world. Prophet Muhammad introduced Islam in 610 A.D.
Historical figures and events Some of the figures are Mezuzah and Tzitzit. The temples must have a menorah. Among Jewish events are Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Sukkot and Purim among others. Some historical people include Messiah, Moses and Abraham. Historical figures in Christianity are Jesus, Moses, Abraham, Solomon and others. Jesus is a major historical figure because He is the son of God yet He came to earth and died for people’s sins. Some of the events celebrated are Christmas, Easter and Holy communion. Some of the historical figures are Allah, prophet Muhammad, crescent moon and Quran among others. Allah is the name of God in Islam. Some of the event s in this religion is Ramadhan and Idi Mubarak.
Central beliefs Judaism believes in monotheism and God is powerful than all creatures. People can communicate to God through prayers anytime. Human beings were created in God’s image and they are superior creatures. Christians believe in one God who created the universe. They believe he is powerful, present everywhere; He is full of wisdom and knowledge. Muslims believe that Prophet Muhammad is God’s prophet. They believe that God created the world. He also made heaven and that is where he lives.
Nature of God God is powerful and it is evident how he created the universe. He is supernatural and no human being has ever seen him. God has a son named Messiah who died to save the world from sin. God is powerful and has knowledge about everything. He is full of grace, which renews every morning. God provides for the needs of the people. God is powerful since he created the whole universe. There is no other being with greater power to God. He is merciful to people and forgives them when they commit sin.
Texts Jews use their Bible as a text for reference. It contains scriptures with teachings from God. Jews use Bible to learn about God’s law. Christians use the Bible as a text of guidance for their faith. The Bible was written by many authors who were inspired by God’s words. The Christian Bible contains the new and old testaments. Muslims use Quran as a text for their faith. It is considered as the best piece of literature in Arabic language. Muslims believe it was written by Muhammad who was directed by God.
Ritual and practice Jews regularly visit the synagogue. They make harvest offerings or part of their income as offering to God. Jews have 613 commandments, which they are required to follow. Christian’s rituals include offering tithe, church contributions and other charitable contributions. They go to church to worship God as well as listening to God’s teachings from the Bible. Muslims visit the mosque regularly and receive teachings from the Quran. They participate in charity work and they have to first every year. The fasting period lasts one month.
Ethics and morality Jews are required to love their neighbors as they love themselves. Morals include abstaining from sexual immorality and embracing virtues like honesty. Christians are expected to be ethical in their work like being honest and shunning corruption. The Bible insists on morals like faithfulness, loyalty and honesty to God. Islam teachings state that Muslims should be kind and mindful of other people. They should have good deeds like honesty and truthfulness in their work.


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