“Report on the Religious Life of Planet Earth”

Posted: August 29th, 2013

Report on the Religious Life of Planet Earth






Report on the Religious Life of Planet Earth

After a visit to planet earth, I concluded that people are religious. There exist different religions, which have various symbols that signify their religion. For instance, Christians have crucifix, necklaces, the Bible and a specific day of worship. Muslims have symbols of a crescent, Quran, a worship day and specific times of prayers. All these signs should assist in getting enough information to confirm whether there is religion or not. There will be a need for interpreters for interpreting languages that are not understood. There will also be guides to direct when traveling around the planet (Garrard- Burnet, 2000).

The study confirms that people of the earth believe in religion. There are several religions and people are free to believe in any of them. The most common ones are Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism. All the four refer to the supernatural being as God. The most evident thing about the three of them is that they have a place of worship. Christians go to a churches, Muslims go to mosques, and Hindus and Buddhists use temples. These houses of worship are treated as holy places where God has His manifestation. People are required to treat these places with respect and visit them regularly to worship God. This is so because it is believed that the presence of God is always present in those worship places. They also reference books, which they use for guidance in life. For example, Muslims use the Quran whereas, Christians use the Bible. They contain principles and commandments of how to live a righteous life (Garrard-Burnet, 2000).

Religion plays a crucial role in the life of human beings. It assists in explaining the origin of man and the world. Several scientists have tried to explain the origin of the earth using science, but no one was able to give a satisfactory answer. No theories used to describe the origin of the world are factual. They contain many assumptions, which people opt not to believe. Religion has managed to convince the people about their existence and origin of the world. Religion has given people a purpose to live because some religions believe that after this life there will be another better one. Therefore, people are required to live according to the expectation of God, and they will be rewarded throughout eternity. This has made believers live ethically and morally upright. Religion has enhanced co-existence in the world because it instructs people to live in harmony and be mindful of others. It strongly forbids taking away innocent life and abhors other immoral actions in the world.

Religion can be described as a word used to refer to worshippers in the world. They could be worshipping anything they believe in. For example, animals, nature, or a person. Many people would like to know which was the first religion, but it is difficult to determine. This is because documented history gives different information on this subject. One source states that according to the creation story, God was the first religion. Another may contain contradicting information on the existence of multiple gods. These multiple gods introduced the traditional religion, which was the first. Several sources have stated that Islam was the first religion, but it remains a controversy. Scholars have found it difficult to define religion accurately because of some of its characteristics (Lamott, 2007). It contains so many human experiences and people can only give a definition that roughly describes it. Many countries allow people to choose whichever religion they would like to follow. Since religion is mostly based on beliefs and not facts, no one should be forced to believe in what he or she does not want. People are only allowed to influence others to join but not coerce them. There are those who do not believe in religion and decide to believe in science. Unfortunately, some countries do not allow atheism or paganism. One must belong to a recognized religion and not a sect. Religion is crucial because it has a significant role in the lives of people on earth (Garrard-Burnett, 2000).




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