Request for Proposal

Posted: August 12th, 2013

Request for Proposal










Request for Proposal

Acknowledgement of Receipt for Request for Proposal

This is a business document, which is used to keep a record of all customers and vendors who have obtained a copy of the Request for Proposal from Obama Manufacturing Company. The document is legally binding to the person who agrees to the terms and conditions in association with it. An acknowledgement of receipt also provides general information that relates to the company in question to customers who have been given the document. This is crucial in case the vendors may want to communicate to the company in question.

If the customers or vendors decide to sign this document, it is an illustration of the agreement of the receipt of the request for proposal from Obama Manufacturing Company. Acceptance of this document signifies that the customer or vendor in question will use the document only for purposes that relate to the company that provided the document in the first place. Such purposes may include bidding on the request for proposal on behalf of the company, Obama Manufacturing Company. The customer or vendor having agreed to these terms and conditions should keep all the information in the Request for Proposal confidential.

Company Name and Address:

Customer Name and Address:

Customer contact Information:

The Phone number of the Contact:

The E-mail Address of the contact:

Item delivered:

Description of the items delivered:

Serial number of the items delivered:

Signature of the Authorized personnel:


Section 1:  Administrative and Procedural information

1.15 Acceptance

The company, OMC, agreed upon one solution on October 20, 2011. The acceptance was scheduled to take place on the 25th of the same month. Obama Manufacturing Company had the legal right and capacity to decline the system that is supposed to be installed. This may occur if they believe that the system in question is not suitable for the company. Another reason they may decline the installation of the system is if it does not comply to section three of this proposal. Section 3 addresses the requirements of the system that the company requires. On the day scheduled for the acceptance of the solution, it was settled unanimously that the company should pay the vendor 55% of the approved price. The remaining price, 45%, would be cleared when the installation of the system was completed, and the company was satisfied with how it worked. However, this period should not exceed 40 days after the acceptance date. If the company in question exceeds this deadline, the vendor or customer may file a case against the company due to a breach of contract.

1.16 Installation

The proposed system was to be brought to the company on 27 October 2011. The system should have been in excellent condition as well as delivered in its entirety. The vendor was to be in charge of the transportation of the system and its components. Installation was to take place immediately after the system was received in the company, OMC. As expected, the vendor was also in charge of the installation of the system in the company. He or she was required to oversee all processes that pertained to the installation process. In addition to this, the vendor was to provide training to the employees in Obama Manufacturing Company. This was to take place after the installation process was completed. Training is crucial for the OMC employees since they are not conversant with the new system that was installed. This is because the company initially used the manual system as opposed to the computerized system that the new system used. After all the employees involved with the use of this system are trained and the company is sure that, they can handle the new system efficiently, the process of data conversion may begin. Data conversion will include the conversion of the documents of the company from the manual documentation to the computerized format. Documents that will undergo this conversion include the personal details of the employees and the organization’s financial documents, for example. Finally, it was also sanctioned that there should be a representative of the vendor in the first 40 bays of the company’s operation after the installation of the system. This was however optional for the company if it felt that the employees were well equipped to operate the new system.

1.17 Contractor’s Terms and Conditions

In the initial submission of the proposal, the company, OMC, required the standard contract of the vendor or customer involved. The requirements stipulated in the standard contract were to be discussed in the subsequent negotiations, which were to take place between the company and the vendor whose proposal impressed the company. During this consultation, there will be the establishment of a new contract accepted by both parties involved in the talks. As in all legal documents, the contract will require the signatures of the authorized personnel in both parties. The signing of the contract will take place on the awarding date. Obama Manufacturing Company has the right to alter the terms and conditions listed in the standard contract the vender provided initially. In addition to this, OMC also is allowed to change the details of the contract as long as they let the vendor know prior to the signing date. If the vendor agrees upon all these requirements, the contract is ready for signing.

1.18 Insurance Provisions

The vendor should obtain all and any insurance policies and work permits. This is because it is their responsibility. Before the installation work commences, all the work permits and insurance policies should be sent to the address below. The associated work permits and insurance policies should comply with the requirements of the state of Indiana where the company is located.

Attn: Ms. Ansir, Information Technology Manager

Obama Manufacturing Company

350 Hammond St

Obama Manufacturing, Co. 32876

Insurance policies should include but are not limited to the following:

            Property damage: In case of the damage of any of the OMC’s property, a minimum of $300, 000 must be insured for this cause.

            Worker’s Compensation: This will apply in the case of any injury that may affect an employee of OMC if the accident takes place near the company. The amount of compensation will be proportional to the degree of injury the worker has obtained. This process is in accordance to the requirements of the state of Indiana.

            Professional Liability: This will occur if any of the employees make any mistakes that pertain to the functionality of the company. Such mistakes may cost the company a lot of money and is suitable to insure the company against this. The amount recommended based on the size of the company is $700, 000.

1.19 Contractual information

Proposals were to be submitted to the company by 30 September 2011. Discussions were planned to be held in the month of October. In this time, a contract was to be formulated after the negotiations were completed. However, the contract was not to be signed until the day the contract was awarded. Before the awarding, revising of the document is allowed. The contract will include this request for proposal. After the contract is signed, if any problems arise that pertain to the contract there will be the creation of a new contract to fulfill these needs. The original documents should be stored safely to act as a reference in future negotiations.

1.20 Bid Surety

The prices quoted in the request for proposal should not be changed within the first 30 days after its submission. The signed contract must remain applicable during this time regardless of the circumstances. If the prices fall below the initial stated price, the lower prices should be respected. If these terms are not honored in any way, it will result in a breach of the contract and of bid surety, making the party involved predisposed to a court charge.

1.21 Performance and Contract

The winning vendor or will enter the contract instantaneously after the award date. The contract may be reviewed by OMC before the signing date. The vendor after signing the contract is expected to comply with all the requirements of this document. After the signing of the contract the vendor should give, a performance bond valued at 45 % of the cost of the installation of the system. This bond was set up to ensure that the vendor provides the best services for the company, OMC. If the performance of the vendor is not satisfactory, the bond is not reimbursed. OMC may suspend the contract if the vendor does not abide by these terms and conditions. A written notice on the termination of the vendor from the company is not required. In such a case, the vendor is liable for compensation due to damages as stated in the law.



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