Resident Evil Movie Review

Posted: December 2nd, 2013





Resident Evil Movie Review

Part 1

Resident evil is a horror movie that was released in 2002. It was written and directed by Paul Anderson, an outstanding director. The movie borrowed its concept from a video game of the same name. The movie was a very commercial box-office success as it grossed over 102 million dollars as compared to the 33 million dollars that were used in its production. Due to the success of this first movie, several more sequels were produced in the years that followed. The movie is a horror movie that is based on science and fiction. Resident evil received various reviews some being positive while others were rather unconstructive. This was probably because of the content of the movie that may not have appealed to some of the people who watched it. A complete analysis of this movie will be performed in this paper in order to understand fully the intent of the director and producers and the target that the movie was made for.

The movie is based on a fictional laboratory that has created a dangerous virus capable of mutating the human beings and converting them into zombies. The main character of the movie is Alice who battles the newly formed zombies in a bid to save her life and that of some of her friends. The laboratory is under the powerful multinational, Umbrella Corporation. The laboratory is kept secret because f the nature of research that takes place in the institution. The virus they have created is the T-virus. The movie begins by depicting Alice, the main character, in a mansion that seems deserted, and she has amnesia, alongside her is Matt. Some commandos break into the mansion and take them to a train station that is located underground. Here, they meet Spence who also has amnesia. The head of the commando group that brought them to the train station explain to them that the Umbrella Corporation employed them all.

The laboratory where they worked had an automated intelligence system that was installed to ensure protection; it was named the Red Queen. The head commando explained that this system had released a nerve gas into the laboratory due to a security threat that the laboratory was facing. This nerve gas is assumed the cause of their amnesia. Having known this, they decide to disable the system, but it results in several deaths. However, they are finally able to disable the system that results in the release of the personnel who work in the laboratory. They are oblivious of the fact that all the staff that was locked inside the lab had all been exposed to the dangerous T-virus, and they had been turned into zombies. This virus affected the animals that were also in the laboratory, and they were converted to ‘lickers.’ Alice and her friends need to battle these creatures in order to stay alive as they all intend to kill them.

During the course of this battle, some of Alice’s friends are bitten and converted to zombies or are killed. Rain, one of her friends is bitten by the zombies and is in a very critical condition. In order to cure her, she requires the anti-virus that would reverse the effects of the virus. Alice looks for the antivirus in the lab, but she cannot get it. It is at this time that Spence recovers his memory. He remembers that he is the person who stole the T-virus and released it in the lab in the first place. In addition to this, he took the anti-virus and hid it in the underground train with the remaining T-virus. However, before he reclaims the antivirus for Rain’s benefit, Spence is bitten, and he locks the remaining survivors in the lab them proceeds toward the train. However, before he gets to the antivirus, one of the lickers kills him. The Red Queen warns the remaining people that on feeding on fresh DNA, the licker is expected to become much stronger.   In order to save Alice and Matt, the Queen asks them to kill Rain whose condition has gotten considerably worse. They refuse to do this, and they sever the communication like that the System was using to communicate to them with. An outage subsequently occurs, and one of their friends Kaplan appears and tells them that they can leave the lab as he had disabled the intelligence system. They escape from the lab into the train where Rain and Kaplan are injected with the antivirus. They are unaware of the licker that is in the train and it kills Kaplan and Rain leaving only Alice and Matt. They are able to escape from the train back into the mansion, but on arrival, Matt notices that his wound has mutated. At this time, some scientists from the Umbrella Corporation walk in and take Matt away. They do this because they intend to re-open the laboratory. The movie concludes showing Alice who is in a hospital, and there is a newspaper that shows that the T-virus has been released to the rest of the town. She takes up a shotgun presumably for defense, and this marks the end of the movie, resident evil.

The movie is well directed, and the settings that have been used are appropriate to the genre of the movie in question. This is illustrated by the zombie figures that were used in the movie. The zombies were the focus of the movie as they were the depiction of the effects that the T-virus had on man. For this reason, the zombies had to be very convincing in order to produce the required effect from the audience. If the zombies did not fulfill the expectations of the audience, the movie would not have been a commercial success. Casting for the selection of the people who were supposed to appear as the zombies took a relatively long time. Eventually, the director decided to cast professional dancers as the zombies. This was because the dancers were thought to have better control of their bodies and this was very important for the zombie role.

The rest of the characters were also reasonably suited to their particular roles.

However, it is important to note that the characters apart from Alice did not possess the ‘wow factor.’ They were just typical characters and were to some extent even tedious. This is because their roles were limited and they did not draw any attention. It is expected that minor characters in a movie do not have really complicated roles. However, in this case, the main characters who were Alice and her friends, as much as they had a major role to play in the development of the plot, their presence was not felt in the movie. This affects the movie largely as the audience is not able to relate to these characters. This interaction is fundamental to ensure that the audience likes the movie in question. Alice’s character is a breath of fresh air in this movie. This is because it pleasantly surprises the audience. Initially, she is depicted as a helpless woman suffering from amnesia.

However, things change as the plot thickens as she is portrayed as a very good warrior who is eventually able to conquer the army of zombies. This is a change from the bring characters that are depicted as her friends. Her character goes a long way in impressing the audience. The conversations in the movie are not engaging. This is because most of the dialogues revolve around giving orders or simple statement. Conversation is one of the ways in which the audience is able to determine and understand the personality of a certain character. In this case, since the dialogue was so restricted, the audience was not given the opportunity to assess the characters in the movie. The setting of the movie was completely appropriate, and this was a notable feature of the movie. The movie setting enabled the audience to envisage real laboratories, for example. The superb setting is one of the phenomenal features that led to the commercial success of this movie.

This movie is somewhat realistic. This is because, with the continued research that is taking place in the medical sector, several harmful viruses are being created. If any of the said viruses was to be exposed to the rest of the society, the effects that will be encountered in the particular question will be similar to the events that took place in resident evil. In reality, we may not expect the creation of zombies as in the movie, but mutations may occur that may be contagious. This situation may occur if such a virus or chemical is released to a large group of people. Such a multitude of people may be found in places like train stations or in public areas like parks. Release of this harmful element in such a place will ensure that several people are affected at the same time. This will be incredibly dangerous, as they will keep spreading the virus to other people. Such a circumstance may be used in warfare. Such a technique will ensure victory for the country in possession of such a chemical element.

Part 2

A movie review is an analysis of a particular movie. This analysis is subjective and depends purely on the opinion and perceptions that the author may have with regard to the movie in question. For this reason, a movie review may be either negative or positive. A positive review shows that the reviewer liked the movie, on the other hand; a negative one shows that the person was unimpressed by the movie in question. Whether positive or negative, movie reviews have become very important especially to the extremely busy people. Initially, the movie reviews were restricted only to newspapers or magazines. This greatly limited the number of people who accessed the review. In addition to this, the number of movies that were reviewed was considerably less. For this reason, the number of movie reviewers who existed was very few. Apart from this people spread reviews through word of mouth. This was means of reviewing was not reliable and hence could not depend on it exclusively. Nevertheless, with the inception of the internet, all this changed. Anyone was able to review a movie through the social networks for instance. The internet changed the previous practices as reviewing was not only limited to a few people. Movie reviews done through the internet were also significantly faster than their counterparts were. Reviews in the internet took a few minutes to be posted while the ones on the newspaper only appeared after a specified amount of time. However, even with the advantages that came with the use of the internet some disadvantages also came up. The most notable disadvantage is that some of the reviews are made in bad blood, and they may result in attacking the actors or directors of the movie in question.

Such negative reviews have often led to controversies that have at times led to the reviewers being sued. Apart from this, since there are so many reviews, the readers are often not sure which one to believe. This is because, in some cases, the movie reviews do not depict a true portrayal of the movie in question and this may result in misleading the reader. For this reason, most of the people prefer to read reviews from well-known websites to ensure that they obtain a dependable opinion of the movie they intend to watch. A movie review is written primarily to present an individual’s opinion with regard to a particular movie. In order to write a concise review, it is necessary that one watch the movie they want to review carefully. They need to notice some things that other people will not ordinarily pay much attention.

Such factors include the soundtracks played in the movie, the characters and their personalities and the setting of the movie. For the ordinary individual who goes to the theatre to watch the movie for the first time, they may ignore these things, but for a reviewer, it is imperative that they observe these things. After watching the movie, the reviewer is then able to write down what he or she thought on the movie basing on the specific features that the movie had. A movie review is written exclusively for the benefit of the reader. This is necessary especially in the case of the individuals with extremely busy schedules. They need these reviews since they prefer to watch a movie that they will enjoy as opposed to one that they will not. This is because they ordinarily have very little time to spare for entertainment and the little they have they prefer to utilize effectively.

By reading a review whether written in the positive or negative, an individual is able to decide whether they are willing to watch it or not. In addition tot his; the reviews enable people to save a lot of money that they would have spent on movies that would not impress them. For this reason, the movie reviews are very important. As much as the reviews may be positive or negative, the readers should understand that they are subjective. This is because they depend on the writer’s personal opinion. For this reason, they should remember that just because a movie has a bad review does not guarantee that one may not like it. Such a case may occur because the writer and reader in question may not have similar tastes. Therefore, the reviews should not be considered the gospel truth, they are written to enable the selection process to be easier for the readers.

The audience of the movie review as mentioned before is not limited to a certain group of people. Anyone is allowed t read movie reviews as they are aimed at anyone that may want to watch the movie that has been reviewed. However, the greatest numbers of readers of these reviews are people who have busy schedules. This is because they do not have a lot of time to spare for watching the said movies. For this reason, they prefer to spend the little time that they have appropriately. While writing a review, the writer should beep in mind the audience that they intend to focus on. This is because different audiences will focus on different aspects of the movie in question. For instance, a young audience comprised of teenagers and adolescents will be interested in movies that revolve around fantasies or superheroes. An older audience is expected to enjoy thrillers or conspiracy theories. Therefore, writing a review for teenagers about a movie that is a thriller will not be appropriate.

Audiences chiefly determine the content of the movie review that the writer intends to write. In the case of this review about the movie resident evil, the audience that was targeted was the teenagers, the youth and some older people. This is because these people are the people who are interested in science fiction, or sci-fi as it is popularly known. No strict age limit is given in such movies, and for this reason, the movie was able to attract the attention of several people who were not necessarily of the same age bracket. This is why the aspects that were considered in the review encompassed both the interests of the younger as well as that of the older people. Therefore, it is important that the writer of a review identifies which audience the article is directed to before he or she starts writing it.

A movie review may be published in several places. Most common locations of publication for these movie reviews include newspapers and magazines. Initially, the reviews were only published in the newspapers and magazines. However, their coverage was not effective. However, al this changed with the internet. This is because the internet enabled anyone willing to review a movie to do so. The internet is faster than its predecessors are, as it requires a very short time to post a review. While compared to the initial methods of publication that were printed at specific intervals, the internet is more effective. In the case of this review on the movie resident evil, it may be published in either newspapers or magazines. A part from these locations it may also be posted on the internet where it will reach several people in a short span of time.

Rhetoric analysis is very crucial and can contribute to effective writing. Rhetoric situation refers to a set of circumstances that involves communication between people. The aim of this communication is to influence the change of the opinion of the people in question. Ideally, rhetoric refers to any kind of communication that is persuasive in any way and may result in the conversion of a person’s perception about any issue. However, most people choose to view rhetoric in the positive, but a negative side to rhetoric also exists. An example of negative instances of rhetoric is when individuals use it to trick others or in the case of lying. Nevertheless, in writing, the positive aspect of rhetoric is what is considered. It is important to differentiate rhetoric and rhetoric situation.

Rhetoric is the use of language in a way that targets to inform, entertain, persuade or educate a group of individuals. Rhetoric situation, on the other hand, refers to the circumstances in which one is able to communicate by using rhetoric. The writer should consider two main things based on rhetoric situation, the culture and context in which the writer aims to write about. While considering rhetorical situation, the writer’s personal opinion should be considered. This is because they will affect the outcome of the article that s/he writes. Factors that influence a writer’s opinion include his or her culture, personal attributes and their experiences. In addition to this, demographic factors like the age and gender may also affect one’s writing. A writer should decide on why he or she is writing a certain article. Is it to entertain, educate, persuade or to inform?

After deciding the purpose for their writing, they will find it easier to proceed with writing. The genre of writing also influences the use of rhetoric. In the case of formal works like autobiographies or fictional stories, rhetoric may not be prevalent. However, in works like reviews of books, articles or movies, the use of rhetoric is expected to be widespread. Finally, the audience one is writing to affects the utilization of rhetoric. This is because it will not apply to younger audiences and they may not understand its usage. Older audiences, on the other hand, will appreciate the use of rhetoric in works that are targeted to them. Once the writer has considered these factors, they will be able to write their article outstandingly. In addition, they should also use rhetoric in their works appropriately as restricted by their audience and the genre of writing.

An analysis of the rhetoric situation will include the following factors, the writer, purpose, audience, topic, context and the culture. The writer of the review based her opinions on the expectation that most of the people had with relation to the movie as well as the plot of the movie in general. In this case, the work in question was a review of a movie. It did not have a specific audience, as it was suitable for all interested parties. The genre of the work was a review whose purpose was to inform its readers of the movie, resident evil. Context and culture of the movie review in this case is based on the perception of the audience and that of the writer. Based on these factors, it is expected that the use of rhetoric in this review should have been prevalent.

The review was constructed in this particular way in order to convey its purpose and message effectively. The review first provided a detailed summary of the movie and opinions of the writer followed this. Such an arrangement enables the reader to get to know more about the movie before they proceed to read the review. If no summary were provided, readers would not have been able to understand the review. In addition to this, such an arrangement creates an appropriate flow to the review. The readers find it interesting to read reviews arranged in this way. Due to this arrangement, the review was able to convey its purpose of informing the readers on the movie resident evil.





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