Respect All Persons

Posted: October 17th, 2013





Respect All Persons

Respect is defined as an attitude or feeling of esteem towards something or someone. The medical field is one of the most challenging fields given that it entails dealing with the lives of people, their emotions and their overall wellbeing. Hence, it is crucial to ensure that practice within any field of medicine puts into consideration the aspect of respect for patient’s life regardless of race, gender and ethnicity. Essentially, respect within the medical fraternity is considered a basic individual and professional attribute as it enables the practitioner to keep matters professional during execution of duties and responsibilities.

Respect within the medical institutions and practice enhances the wellbeing of the practitioner as well as the patients. This is because respect ensures that the working environment is supportive. In addition, patients treated with respect are happier because they feel appreciated for their presence albeit having illnesses. Respect as a student begins with exercising the virtue towards the lecturers and colleagues in the classroom. This is essential in showing the instructors gratitude for their efforts towards enhancing knowledge of the student.

Individual respect is essential towards attaining discipline, an important virtue in the field of medicine and one of the best virtues in the field. It enables me as a professional medical practitioner to ensure that I conduct my professional duties and responsibilities ethically and morally. Respect comes into play in the medical profession by ensuring that the patient has his or her needs met in terms of care and treatment. In addition, it is also exercised by ensuring that the patient is informed fully about any medical procedures, the effects of treatment, and other medical related issues that affect the patient directly. Respect also entails giving the patient his or her desired level of autonomy to make sound medical decisions in relation the individual wishes as a patient.

Indeed, respect should be accorded equally to all the patients independent of the individual characteristics. In addition, the individual needs also prompt the medical practitioner toe adapt to the required level of respect by the patient. Thus, the identified factors are essential in ensuring that, as a practitioner, I take into consideration the diversity in terms of character by the patients. This enables me as a medical practitioner to exercise the required level of professionalism.

In addition, another aspect of respect I find essential to exercise is the respect for cultural diversity of the patients as well as colleagues. This is essential in that it enables cooperation with other individuals in helping patients within the medical institutions. Respect within the working environment with reference to the medical institutions is essential. Given the challenges posed in the field of medicine, incidences of disrespect are numerous due to the pressure in terms of duties on the medical practitioners. Hence, to ensure that the medical practitioners are accorded equal respect they should also exercise the same virtues towards their patients and colleagues.

In conclusion, respect is a basic part of ethics and morals within the medical field. In addition, it is an indication of professionalism in that it enables the individual to observe the needs and wants of the patient. Furthermore, it helps the medical practitioner to be vigilant in terms of the treatment and care processes to ensure that the patient has the required medical attention for treatment of illness or medical conditions. Essentially the aspect of respect should be accorded to all within the medical fraternity as well as in institutions of study. This instills good character and morals for the overall success in the field of medicine. Thus, respect is a prerequisite virtue to attaining discipline in the medical fraternity. This enables execution of tasks with regard to ethics and morals.









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