Posted: September 3rd, 2013








Elder abuse is given the least attention compared to other types of abuses. The older people are prone to abuse mostly if they are relying on others for survival. Fortunately, there are strategies for preventing elder abuse. According to the Bible, it is the responsibility of the members of the family to care for their older members. Otherwise they are worse than pagans. Therefore, the community has the responsibility of taking care of the old people who are not independent (1 Timothy 5:8, KJV). The government has put in place laws that protect the elderly from abuse. There are also telephone numbers, which anyone can call to report elder abuse cases. Different states in USA have started programs meant to care and protect the senior citizens. Every able person should always think of the old people around them. They should be viewed as parents or grandparents and they deserve honor (Martin, 2011).

The youth are faced with so many challenged, which they might not be knowledgeable enough to overcome them. This is why some of the result to depression withdrawal and other social and emotional disorders. The youth are the largest group of the population and the future of the nation. All parents should take time with their youthful children; understand them as well as teaching them to be morally upright. State and Federal have set up services that cater for the youth. The choices parents make on how to raise their children, determines their personality. So many sources are bad influences to children yet parent have to ensure that their children grow morally upright. Raising children is a big challenge but the government has given a hand in offering essential services to children. The children’s department has formulated place policies, which ensure basic education and child welfare, are offered to all children (Martin, 2011).

The rate at which children are becoming disabled is alarming. Most of them have permanent disabilities. Some parents suffer depression and in extreme cases other go ahead to abandon their children. Consequently, the children experience difficulty existing in a society they feel disregarded. It makes them feel lonely and withdraw from the society because they feel rejected. Those who lack emotional support from their families commit suicide. Several cases of children with schizophrenia committing suicide given personality disorder have occurred of late. Parents are now relieved because there are special schools helping this children with disabilities. It is also helpful when parents learn how to cope with these children. Challenges are caused by lack of knowledge on how the parent and child should cope. It is vital to counsel the children and teach them how to deal with some of the issue they are likely to face (Martin, 2011).



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