Restructuring Energyze

Posted: August 12th, 2013





Restructuring Energyze

A.        Lack of internal promotions can have major effects on any company. Similarly, the lack of internal promotions in the supervising department of Energyze does have enduring implications because the supervisors are external. Consequently, the workforce is supervised by individuals who may have little or no experience with the employees their ability, strengths, weaknesses and the overall working environment. In addition, these new supervisors may face problems relating to the staff, the structure and organization of their duties and specific roles. In the long-term, productivity levels of the workers is reduced leading to low output.

B.         External hiring is a serious issue for concern because a supervisor plays a key role in ensuring staff carries out work in a responsible and efficient manner. However, external supervisors may not be able to perform these roles effectively. When personnel are not appropriately supervised speed, organization and efficiency are reduced at the workplace. Consequently, the company may record reduced productivity leading to losses. Continuous losses can have adverse effects on the company and can lead to collapse of the firm’s main businesses.

C.        Payment inequalities among the women can be addressed by making sure women are included in the overtime payment program. The base salary for women should be made similar to that of men. This can be done by either reducing men’s salary to be similar to that of men or increasing the women’s salary to a comparable level to men.

D.        Management can consider a few recommendations to remedy the current problems. Increase incentives and payment for supervisors to avoid hiring external ones that have negative implications. This will attract the current employees to acquire the supervisor promotions. Reduce the gender disparity by making the salary of both men and women equal. Cut the total number of labor working overtime to a manageable number. Lower the total amount of allowances to reduce payroll costs.

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