Retail Packaging

Posted: November 28th, 2013

Retail Packaging






Retail Packaging

Packaging Smaller Runs

When starting a business, it is only logical to make sure that the retailing packaging being used is of the least cost possible. There are a number of prints that can be made on the folding carton. Since the business is planning on using only three printing colors, there a number of varieties to choose from. However, due to saving on costs and other unnecessary complications that come with printing, the business will use the flexography printing method.

There are a number of printing methods that can suite the folding carton. These include letter press, gravure, flexography, digital printing and offset. However, the flexography suites this retail packaging due to a couple of reasons. Since the business will start with the use of three colors, this method can incorporate up to ten colors (Casals & Pilars International, 2007). This is because it incorporates fast drying inks thus making the process much faster.

The major advantage of this method is that it is cost effective as compared to other methods. Since water based inks can be used as effectively as oil based ones, the water based are the cheapest as far as reducing costs is concerned. They also bring out the same effect as the oil based inks. This type of printing is also used in image making thus can be used to produce any images that might be used on the carton folders.

The reproduction of all the color hues is one of the major disadvantages of this type of printing (Casals & Pilars International, 2007). However, the business will only incorporate three colors that can be reproduced. This will disadvantage will not affect the business.

This type of printing can take place in both the absorbent and non absorbent materials. The materials used to make the folding cartons are non-absorbent. There will be no problem with the materials to be used. This is an advantage, as some of the other printing methods do not make a favorable impression on the non-absorbent materials.

Since this is business, minimizing the cumbersomeness of printing is one of the aims of being effective. This can take place through this method. A photopolymer image or a rubber enables the formation of millions of impressions without having to repeat a process. This saves time, cost and is more effective. The business needs to make as many folding cartons as possible within the shortest time possible.

Larger Production

Producing goods in larger quantity means that the business will have to improve in efficiency without compromising on the quality of the products (Meyers & Gerstman, 2005). The digital printing method is the best if the business was to incorporate larger production of the folding cartons. Although it involves the use of more expensive machinery than the ones used in the previous method, it is more effective and efficient when it comes to mass production.

One significant advantage of this method is that it is extremely fast. Thousands of folding boxes can be printed in a very short time. Although it involves machinery that is expensive, the unit cost is much smaller due to the bulk production of folding cartons taking place. The original desired image is not altered on the final product as compared to other methods. This will enable the business to offer more satisfying results to the customers thus attracting more customers (Hoffmann-Falk, 2007). This type of printing involves multiple colors within a short period. Whether the business decides to use more colors or decides to remain with the three colors, this printing method will accommodate the changes. Consistency and innovations are very significant to a business. However, major extra costs should be avoided in order to maximize on the profits (British Retail Consortium, 2008).


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