Review of Sleeping with the enemy

Posted: August 6th, 2013

Review of Sleeping with the enemy

Sleeping with the enemy was a film directed by Joseph Reuben that was launched in 1991. The star in the movie is Julia Roberts. The storyline and plot of Sleeping with the Enemy was based on a similar novel written by Nancy Price in 1987 bearing the same name. In summary, Julia Roberts in the film plays a character who escaped from the abusive tendencies of her husband at their home in Cape Cod. In Cedar Falls, Iowa where she finally settles down, she attracted the attention of a college drama schoolteacher. Apart from Julia Roberts, other casts include Patrick Bergin, Claudette Nevins, Kevin Anderson and Kyle Secor.


The investment model displays the cost-benefit argument that went on within Laura as she was in an abusive marriage. Even at the verge of leaving due to physical abuse, martin swayed her decisions by expressing affection and caressing her. When Martin abuses her and then later buys for her a red evening dress, Laura becomes highly skeptic of his real intentions and feelings towards her. The learned helplessness model suggests that Laura lacked the ability to controlling what was happening around her. She, therefore, became incapable of stopping the physical abuse that came in cycles in between periods of satisfaction in the marriage (Umberson et al, 2002).

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