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Art is a common characteristic of New York. Every district has specific features and atmosphere. For instance, Chelsea is the center of art. Many art galleries are in this place. Wall Street is known to be a commercial center or finance. Many art galleries are in SoHo especially around Fifth Avenue. In the olden days, SoHo was filled with many artists who lived and worked here. The district developed and they had to move to Chelsea. Other business like retail shops and boutiques were started and this is why the artists went to Chelsea (Waxman, 24).


The most interesting gallery is OK Harris Gallery. This gallery is situated at 383 West Broadway in SoHo, New York. This gallery has displayed modern art and photographs. Occasionally, the management organizes shows for antiques and other collections. This facility is big and spacious for five people to run their shows simultaneously. The gallery has allocated space to every artist who has exhibitions in it. There are interesting artists who have their pieces of art displayed. For instance, Larry Kagan has specialized in shadow art using steel (OK Harris work of art, 2012).

Larry Kagan uses the bent wires to design an object. He then directs light to the object, which makes it lively and interesting to the audience. Some of the current exhibitions are by Ron Weis, Donna Forma, Christopher Gallego, Robert Van Vranken, Gino Savino and Ken Kalman. Their displays have very special themes. For example, Kalman has displayed a semi-automatic pistol, which is historical artillery. It has a geographical map on its surface. This map depicts a gun is capable of hitting a very small target wherever it is. It also shows the relationship between mortality, history of the military and human intervention (OK Harris work of art, 2012).

There is a wide variety of digital photographs, sculptures and visual arts. It is closed in most days of July and opens in September. The gallery makes an effort of showing a lot of important art work without being biased. It does not discriminate artists or the design and materials used. The sole purpose is to express innovation and creativity in the society. For instance, Forma’s exhibition is a shelter made from simple organic material called resin. Her theme was to portray the complexity of life. In return, human beings seek refuge in metaphorical cocoons, like Forma’s sculpture (OK Harris work of art, 2012).

Some of the previous the exhibition were done by Bill Fisher, Kohei, Marilynn Gelfman and Ted Larsen among others. Their art works had been displayed from 10th March and 14 April, 2012. The artists get ample time for their work to be displayed. It gives potential buyers a chance to visit and make their orders if their interested. The attendants are friendly and answer any question or concerns regarding the displays. Every artist has a room to display his or her work. It becomes easier for visitors to identify or choose the artists they want (OK Harris work of art, 2012).

From 2 June to 20 July, 2012, there will be new exhibitions. Other artists will have the chance to show their works to the public. Art galleries are important because they help artists establish themselves and market their work. Such a gallery is common among the people is popular to the artists because many visitors come to view art work. It is a fast way of making sales and popularizing the artists (OK Harris work of art, 2012).

Pace Art Gallery

The gallery is one of the most popular and largest galleries. There are branches in London, Beijing and Chelsea. The gallery has many art works from different artists. Pace gallery is known to have art works from notorious artists. Some of them are Chuck Close, Yue Minjun and Yoshitomo Nara among others. Pace gallery was initially started in Boston and later moved to Manhattan in New York. Pace gallery might not be spacious like other gallery but it has been well organized.

There is an interesting section resembling an archive. It is full of print work and people can pick any prints and look at them. They have prices attached to them which mean customers can but whichever pleases them. The management ensures they put up all the attractive prints to impress their clients. One could easily spend a whole day admiring the prints. Some clients find it hard to choose since all of them look appealing.

Pace gallery’s architecture is also amazing. The spiral stair case leads to another space of more art works. Occasionally, the gallery holds exhibitions on certain themes. For example, there was an exhibition on mythology. The gallery was filled with art works related to this theme. Some of the works belonged to artists like Pablo Picasso, Mark Rothko, Isamu Noguchi and Jean Miro among others.


People think SoHo has become more of a shopping place than art district. However, art is still one of its characteristics. Artwork is an appreciation of culture and people innovation and talent. For example, Pace Gallery mainly displays print work. People go there to learn as well as appreciate what happened in the early years. Art galleries give people a chance to buy their favorite artwork from artists. For example, OK Harris art galley put exhibition for people to see. They can buy whatever artwork pleases them. Pace gallery has beautiful print work and clients enjoy looking at the prints.

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This gallery is situated in Oakland, California. The gallery is associated with musical art. It portrays history and cultural practices of the community. Some of the music played includes jazz. People who have visited have complimented the performance. It is a good place for relaxation and appreciating culture and heritage. The staff attends to visitors fully until they are satisfied. Patrons are also welcoming people and they make them comfortable (Floyd Pellom’s 57th street art gallery, 2011).

The aim of this gallery is to utilize music as an instrument to show the impact of art and music. The people are able to understand the influence of art and music since it started. The gallery is inviting all the people from the community to participate in its operations. People are invited to bring innovations and creativity. The gallery welcomes the whole community and promises to treat every visitor in a special way. It is important for people to appreciate and learn about their culture. Apart from just learning, the gallery is capable of facilitating the development of culture. People should embrace practices, which improve their lives (Floyd Pellom’s 57th street art gallery, 2011).

This gallery was brought forth by Floyd Pellom. He is a  businessman in San Francisco. He has contributed greatly to this gallery by collecting works and putting it in the gallery. They were from musical themes specifically jazz music. He was inspired by his father who showed him how to collect fine works. He taught him about jazz music and the influence. Pellom’s objective is collecting all the fine art work and displaying in the gallery (Floyd Pellom’s 57th street art gallery, 2011).

The mission of the gallery is to help other artists to display their work and Mr. Pellom wanted to participate fully and contribute in the collection and display of art. This mission was the sole purpose influencing the launch of the gallery. The gallery has helped the artists of in Bay community to enhance their career. They have a place to show case their work and the community appreciates it. Some of the visitors actually buy thus boosting the artist and the economy of the area. The upcoming artists find it easy to establish themselves through this gallery (Floyd Pellom’s 57th street art gallery, 2011).


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