Role of Government and Parents in protection of children against online inappropriate material

Posted: August 6th, 2013

Report on Research

My research topic involved finding measures, which the government and the children are using to protect children against viewing online inappropriate material. I enjoyed doing this research because of its relevance today. Inappropriate internet content has affected children in negative ways, and I was keen to find out if the government was taking any measures to control it. I learnt many lessons when doing this research. Based on the experience I had, I realized that there is a lot that the government and parents can do to protect children. I also realized that some parents do not take any responsibility to monitor the content that their children can access on the internet. The research was revealing because I realized that one does not have to be proficient in information technology matters for he or she to protect children. People can adopt some easy steps to help protect children. Some people do not know the extent that inappropriate material, such as adult themed content, can affect children. This makes people lax and lenient when it comes to protecting children.


The improved technology has enhanced the accessibility and use of social networking sites such as Facebook and twitter among others. Children can befriend many people, most of who are strangers. They might not know how to protect themselves from people who might lure them and expose them to viewing inappropriate content. There is need for more research on this end. Researchers in different fields need to study the effect of social media on children. They should focus on the extent at which social media exposes children to inappropriate content because such information is scarce.

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