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            A self-assessment is an act that enables an individual to understand their Personality, Character, beliefs and values that helps one in determining the career path they would like to take in their lives. It is a vital activity for an individual to partake before thinking of searching any job opportunities in the market.

Self-Assessment exercise

The MBTI results have revealed that I am the Introvert, Sensing, Thinking and Judgmental (ISTJ) kind of person. I am generally a quiet person who prefers studying things and people before making a conclusion about them. I am the kind of person who would rather listen to someone else’s opinion before making a conclusion about it. I prefer thinking critically about an issue and considering what my judgment nature tells me before making any decisions.

It is impossible for a human being to live without values and principles, as they guide an individual in what path to take in life (Jones and Pfeiffer, 1973). The results have revealed that I value, hard work, as I strongly believe that it is the key to success in any type of organization. I also believe in respecting other people and their opinions as this encourages teamwork, as people are able to understand each other therefore promoting togetherness in achieving organizations goals.

The results have shown that I am the kind of person who is motivated by the determination of employers and employees to achieve its organizational goals and their willingness to work together.

For any person to work in a career he/she has to have the willingness to work with other people. They have to possess listening skills and ready to accept their mistakes and learn from them. Furthermore, they need to be selfless people who are willing to share ideas that help in achieving their business’ goals. According to the results of the exercise, I seem to possess all these skills, which I think would play a major role in the career path I would like to take.

In order to work in any organization, one has to study their emotions and know how to control them (Eggert, 2000). Emotionally, the results have proven that I am emotionally stable thus can manage to stay calm, cool and collected whenever disaster may strike. It has also revealed that I am able to separate my personal life from work, thus can manage to keep cool even when things in my life have gone wrong. Furthermore, it has also revealed that I am very enthusiastic and therefore can always manage to put a smile on my face no matter what, and this makes my interaction with others in, an office setting, very easy.

The results have revealed that I am the kind of person who prefers working in an area where there is minimal supervision. It also shows that I prefer working five days in a week to relax and rejuvenate during the weekend. In a work place, the exercise has shown that I tend to focus on the goals and mission of the organization and this may work for me, as most organizations prefer such people. Further tests show that, I prefer working in an area where the goals are more practical and realistic, thus would prefer working in a business oriented organization.

From, the above description of my assessment, I think the ideal career for me would be to become a Human Resource Manager in the USA (I came to this conclusion after researching and getting information about the different types of jobs, which are available. These jobs are described based on ones character and personality. The research also mentioned the skills required in the job, which one can match with what he/she possesses. It also gave information about the working hours, duties, salary and above all the qualifications). This kind of job entails searching for, training, assessing and rewarding the workforce in an organization. It also oversees the culture and leadership of the employees (Eggert, 2000). The duties that would interest me in this job would include, identifying vacant positions in the company, interviewing and selecting the applicants, educate and advice the employees’ of their rights and duties, ensuring safety of the workers, firing them, etc. The qualifications would require a good level of education (A Bachelor’s degree in Human Resource Management), and above all the desire and passion to work in this field. The median salary is $52,690 (USA, 1979). This job is very marketable in the world, as in order for an organization to succeed in its goals, it has to have competent, determined, skillful and knowledgeable employees. I think that this is the job meant for me as I have most of the skills needed and the ones I do not have, I am willing and ready to learn. My personality and character is also in line with this job. A good example is the fact that I can interact with people, have good writing and talking skills, have a compassionate nature, emotional stability etc.

I would love to pursue my career as a Human Resource Manager at the QRC Holdings Company, which provides consumer banking and commercial and trust and asset management services to communities such as Rockford, Cedar Rapids and Quad City. It was founded in 1993 and its headquarters situated at Moline, Illinois (USA, 1979). Its human resource department ensures that the best employees have been recruited, trained to offer services to those communities. I would love to work for this organization as it plays a major role in improving and educating people on banking and educates them on how to invest.

In my opinion, this exercise was useful as it provided me with a clear understanding of the different personalities based on one’s beliefs, values and actions. Different people have different opinions on various aspects of life and this therefore shapes the paths that they undertake. This exercise therefore helped me in identifying the different decisions that I have made in the past, as well as the possible actions that I will make in my personal and professional life. This test is important in helping me identify my emotions as well as guiding me on how to control them. In addition, I learnt how to interrelate with other people and achieve maximum output from these interactions.


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