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Posted: August 29th, 2013









People with cautious behavioral styles are keen and careful with what they do. This characteristic is also caused by the fact that they need to be right. That is why they seem to be taking long in making decisions or taking actions. It has been observed that though they are slow decision makers, they are never late to deliver. People with cautious lifestyles do not believe in risk taking. To avoid doubts or getting skeptical, they demand documentation of every possible work. This assists them to account for whatever has been done. They always make sure that they are right about what they are doing. This is the reason why the will carry out intense research in search of the right thing (Boud, 15).

This behavioral style is not social. They prefer working on their own or with minimal people who are intellectuals. Every now and then they will evaluate their performance, and they expect perfect results. Due to this, they do not condone unpleasant surprises that will result to mistakes. This need to be perfect makes them produce quality goods or services. This is one significant advantage of having this behavioral style (Robbins, 28).

Due to the nature of this style of being careful organized and thorough, it dislikes people who are otherwise. Cautious style is intolerable to careless people who are not keen on what they do. If they must interact with other people, they ought to be intellectual and logical. Their strengths are being organized and accurate, reliable, independent and thorough. They also have weaknesses which include being too choosy. This weakness may lead to lacking what they want because of being too choosy and too much postponing.


Cautious people are work oriented and slow at what they do. Robbins (18) adds that they like using processes and insist what they believe is right should be done. In case of any problems, they are good in solving, and they criticize where need be. People with cautious lifestyles do not like taking risks, so they make sure that they have made enough enquiries before they make a decision. Perfection is the required standard, and they do not tolerate mistakes. They believe in being extremely efficient, especially when given deadlines. Their strict working conditions result in producing quality services and products.

To work with cautious styles, one has to be organized and disciplined. They do not like working with too many people so they just like a few who prove to be professionals. This group of people appreciates a serene working environment because it favors them to be keen. Just like their name suggests, they are extremely observant with their performance. They insist on things being written if they happen to be in doubt or unsure. Their strengths are being independent, reliable, organized, and are highly accurate. Their weaknesses involve procrastinating, being too choosy and excessively cautious (Boud, 13).

This style best suites careers like auditor, accountant, engineers, computer programmer, system analyst, architect and artist. Cautious behavioral styles can never blend with people who are careless, disorganized and not logical. They like people to be pleasing, honest and reliable. An office of a person with cautious behavioral style is going to have files well arranged on the desk. If it is an artist, he or she will have desired art work on the wall. The arrangement of the office will also show that they are unsociable people (Boud, 25). They prefer their visitors to be at a distance from them. To enhance their nature, they need to be more interactive with people, take shorter time in making decisions and be more flexible. This will enable them to adjust faster in case a mistake has been done. The perception of not accepting errors or not making provision for them is wrong. This is because human beings are likely to make errors. When this happens, people with cautious lifestyles should be ready to offer solutions. Sometimes laws seem to be more rigid than policies therefore, it is wiser to adopt policies than fixed laws.

Strengths and weaknesses

Cautious behavioral style has strengths like planning, accuracy, reliable, a good problem solver and systematic. Since this style emphasizes on being organized, planning is necessary. Planning makes it convenient and hence makes provision for accuracy. It is not possible for a person to be accurate without having a plan of how to do things. Dependability or reliability happens because they always meet the deadlines. Again, this is made possible by planning. In case of any problems, this style is good at getting solutions. Accuracy is also enhanced by being systematic, and the ability to solve problem (Robbins, 24).

The weaknesses are demanding perfection, being too critical and unresponsiveness. People with cautious styles always expect or demand perfection. They do not accept mistakes and cannot adjust swiftly. This leads to wastage of time before a decision is made. Employees could also get fired because of making errors. Sometimes human beings are likely to make errors. It is crucial for this group to adjust and change that law. They also criticize performance or anywhere else they feel they should. This makes them look like they do not appreciate people, especially when they become too critical and unresponsive.

Why I agree or disagree

I personally agree with this assessment. This is because the occupations blend well with the characteristics of this style. Another thing that makes this assessment agreeable is the opportunities and recommendation it makes on the improvement of this style. Some of the opportunities and recommendation include improving on the speed of decision-making. Though this style is commendable in solving problems, it should also be a quick decision maker. Others are being more social and less critical. Interactions will help people in this group to learn more and fewer critics will help people not to think they are inferior.





















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