Posted: August 13th, 2013







Self-esteem is a mental state and a way than an individual thinks about himself or herself. Self-esteem varies in levels and determines ones perception about self. It also influences one’s social interactions in that, individuals are influenced by their perceptions of themselves and others. David Mills in his article “Overcoming “Self-Esteem” provides that the compulsive need for self esteem in inhibiting factor towards fulfilling social interactions. In addition, it also induces anxiety resulting in self-sabotage according to the author.

The author provides that there is a change in terms of the approaches used in society towards achievement or appraisal of self worth. Initial approaches focused on externalities towards increasing individual esteem such as increasing social interactions. However, modern approaches include internal efforts towards the achievement of individual worth. According to the author, it is evident in libraries and other sources of information that there are numerous books and articles on methods of appraising individual self worth or esteem.

In addition, the author concludes that man is the only significantly superior animal in the animal kingdom because of his unmatched intellectual level. Hence, man usually formulates and adheres to philosophical ideals and beliefs that are unhealthy for his existence. Self-esteem according to the author fits precisely into such a category. This is because man focuses greatly on attaining social significance through increased self-esteem such that he forgets to enjoy simple aspects of life and nature.

I agree with the author we are engrossed and focused on satisfying social beliefs such as self-esteem such that we forget and relegate individual happiness. Attaining individual esteem should not be an aim of becoming like others but rather a means of accepting individuality and enjoying that individuality in social and personal life. Individual contentment with one’s perception of self should be paramount.


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