Self-Reflection Exercise – Many Me’s

Posted: November 27th, 2013

Self-Reflection Exercise – Many Me’s


Words or phrases I use to describe my physical self

1. I am 5’4” with blue eyes and a bright smile

2. I am petite____________________________________

3. I am graceful________________________________________

4. I am athletic___________________________________________

5. I am beautiful__________________________________________

Words or phrases I use to describe my personality

6. I am loyal__________________________________

7. I am cautious____________________________

8. I am impatient____________________________________

9. I am adventurous and out-going_______________________________

10. I am contemplative________________________________________

Words or phrases I use to describe my social self (me interacting with others)

11. I am friendly

12. I am empathetic

13. I am caring

14. I am funny

15. I am kind

Words or phrases I use to describe my character traits

16. I am a people person

17. I am ambitious and broad-minded

18. I am mature

19. I am motivated

20. I am reliable

Words or phrases I use to describe my skills and abilities

21. I am gifted

22. I am creative

23. I am intelligent

24. I am resourceful

25. I am goal-oriented


Part 2:

a. Which of these identities is the most fundamental to your sense of self?

My personality traits are most fundamental to my sense of self. I believe that my success in all other areas of my life will be determined by my personality. It is important for me to develop a personality that is in line with my goals and future aspirations. My personality also determines my character; for instance, if I were lazy I would not be ambitious and broad-minded. My personality is the most fundamental to my sense of self because it is what makes me unique and different from other people.

 b. To which of these identities are you most strongly committed and why?  

In life, one should endeavor to develop each aspect of his/her identity. However, one should take the time to analyze which aspect of their identity is most crucial to them at the present and in future. Currently, I am most strongly committed to developing my skills and abilities because I believe that they will determine my life. This is because the things I hold most important in my life currently are progress and success, and in order to achieve this, I will need to be strongly committed to sharpening my skills and abilities.

c. How were or are other people important to developing your most important self-concepts?

Other people play an important role in helping me develop my most important self-concepts because they provide guidance and advice on whether I am on the right track, this is especially true with my skills and abilities. I have developed useful skills and abilities through the guidance of my mentors, teachers, colleagues and role models. I believe that one cannot learn on their own. In order to develop in any field, one needs to interact with other like-minded people. In order to get advise and constructive criticism.

Friends and family have played a key role in the development of my personality-traits. My upbringing and socialization have contributed to both my positive and negative personality traits. Although I believe that one should not blame something that they may not like about themselves on other people, because they have the power to make changes.

d. How have your images of self changed over the last five years?

Over the last five years, there have been significant changes in my life, which in turn have altered my image of self. In the last five years, I have moved out of home, gone to university where I was prepared both mentally and socially to become a mature and independent person. Through the people I have met and the experiences I have had over this period, I have become self-confident because I know that I am able to cope with life’s challenges and triumphs. Therefore, my image of self has improved significantly over the last five years, because I am confident in my competence.

e. Have you ever had your self-concepts challenged?

I have had my self-concepts challenged a few times, especially where I have put in a lot of effort towards the accomplishment of a certain goal and have failed to achieve it. In such a situation, I may sometimes feel that my skills and abilities are not up-to-par. My external environment sometimes challenges my concept of my physical self, especially where media lauds certain physical attributes over others; for instance, taller women may be considered more beautiful or graceful than shorter women.




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