Selling Alkabeer products in India

Posted: September 5th, 2013

Selling Alkabeer products in India









Selling Alkabeer products in India


            The introduction of freshly packed foods into the market was an exceptionally good idea. People get tired of having to cook food from scratch every time they want to eat. These foods range from uncooked to cooked foods that only require reheating before eating. These kinds of foods play vital roles in different social events like weddings, birthday parties and celebrations in different countries (Alkabeer, 2009). When Alkabeer saw the growing market for ready-made food, they grabbed this opportunity and started to make ready-made food. Their business growth was unbelievable after venturing into this untapped market.

The Alkabeer group of companies was established more than 30 years ago. Today it stands in mote than 10 countries in all over the world. Some of their products include vegetables, meat, fish and spices. They also range in their production where they specialize in frozen foods, seafood and foods for vegetarians. These products are manufactured, packaged and distributed by the more than 8000 retail outlets they have worldwide. It is ranked number one in Middle East in the “frozen and processed food category” (Al Kabeer Group of Companies, n.d).

The product under investigation

The Alkabeer group is “obsessed with quality in procurement, manufacturing and distribution of frozen foods” (Alkabeer, 2009). Their range of foods is made up of vegetables and fruits, snacks, ready meals, meat and poultry and seafood. These products are made under the most hygienic conditions in their factories using the best kinds of machinery in the world. The vegetables and fruits are ideal for those who do not eat animal products in their wide market. Fresh vegetables are always welcome in any economy, good or bad, they are cheap and very health.

Their ready meals include all sorts of parathas. They are convenient for those who do not like cooking. They are cooked, frozen and packed. In their meat and poultry category, they have mutton and boneless meat. Their seafood comprises of prawns, famously known as shrimp, and fresh fish. They also make different types of samosa and cold cuts as snacks. Finally, they make food for children. They have burgers, French fries, different kinds of nuggets and chicken and cheese sticks.

Their cost of production is quite high. This is because they do not compromise on quality. In addition, they source out the most expensive ingredients from the most exotic places. Recently, they started growing their own vegetables, fruits and spices. This has helped them to cut down on their expenses. The Muslim population in India is one that grows by day and the Alkabeer group saw the need to cater for the palatal needs of this growing population. In order to get Muslims in India to buy Alkabeer products, sampling will be the best way to promote the products. The sampling can be organized in the most preferred eating-places in India and shopping malls, anywhere with large populations of people. After sampling the products, we will be able to tell from their reaction if they like them or not.

Sampling is one way of marketing products. We will have some of the products in restaurants that are frequented by Muslims, so that every time they go there to eat, they are given some of the foods to taste and give feedback. All forms of feedbacks will be accepted, whether positive or negative. We will also have some of our agents set up near mosques and madrassas to allow more Muslims to taste and sample our products. More agents will be sent to Muslim neighborhoods to familiarize the potential customers with the products. We are hoping that the Muslim population in India will be receptive and accommodative about our products as we prepare to introduce these products in their market. These products will be perfect for them because they are known for organizing social events like weddings.


Marketing can sometimes prove difficult especially if the intended market does not produce expected results. According to Ferrel & Hartline (, p.24), “one of the greatest frustrations in marketing is change-customers change, competitors change and even the marketing organization changes”. These changes play a crucial role in the success or failure of a product and service in any market. The Muslim population in India is a significant change for the Alkabeer products but we are hopeful that this new change will bring in additional revenue for the group. In dealing with this challenge, Steve Unger (2012) suggests “conducting customer satisfaction surveys and focus groups”.

Another challenge is that the targeted population might not like the new products. Even with all the efforts that are taken to satisfy the needs of the customers, they might not be pleased with the product or maybe an ingredient in the food. This form of problem will pose serious setbacks in our efforts to engage the Muslim population in India to start using our products. This will also mean that we have to go back to the drawing board about new and improved strategies to capture this population.

The problem of the language barrier and conservatism when marketing might pose a threat to the whole process. Muslims are a conservative lot and to approach their women about any product might be difficult, as married Muslim women are not allowed to interact with other men especially in the absence of their husbands. In addition, some of the marketers might not know how to communicate with the customers during the sampling process; this might shift the consumers’ preference back to what they are accustomed.

These challenges can be overcome in different ways. First, the Muslim population in India already has their own preferred spices and food that they eat. Introducing the Alkabeer products to them will take a bit of time. Some will be curious about the Alkabeer products, and they will want to try them, this will encourage more others to satisfy their curiosity and in turn attract more Muslims to our stands. Alkabeer products will be advertised in the leading broadcasting stations in India. These stations are trusted by the larger Indian population. This will develop trust between the Alkabeer group and the Muslim population in India, which is the target consumer.


India is Alkabeer’s main revenue earner at 35 percent. This is amidst stiff competition from Allanasons also in India. Allana produces high variety of products with high quality ingredients. Alkabeer products are made from high quality ingredients, which are homegrown making them healthy. Allana offers high quality package variety depending on the product. Alkabeer packaging is high class, safe and attractive depending on the market targeted. The pricing between Allana and Alkabeer is extremely competitive, but Alkabeer’s prices are charged at a premium for high-end consumers. Allana has invested heavily in advertising than sampling, whereas Alkabeer focuses more on sampling because it is believed that tasting is the best way for the consumers to know for sure about their products.

Target market

Alkabeer products target the Muslim population in India. This population covers 13% of India’s population. It is expected to make up 16 percent of the total population by 2030. Alkabeer products will be concentrated in states and territories with the largest Muslim population. These products will be addressed to Muslim consumers on the move and those who are constantly organizing social events. Ages of consumers do not matter because the products are ideal people of all ages, from children to adults.

Consumer buying habits

In India, frozen foods are associated with social events and family gatherings. The way the products are packaged is particularly important to consumers, as this will determine if they will buy the products or not. Most consumers in India do not like to try new things especially when it comes to food products.

Estimate of market size

Internationally, last year saw a total of $24 billion in revenue fro the sale of frozen foods alone. Young people between the ages of 18 and 24 and single folks are the most buyers of frozen foods. More than 300 companies in the world produce and distribute frozen foods. Alkabeer seeks to make 50 million rupees during the first year of operations, and this amount is expected to rise at 40 percent yearly.

Distribution structure

Alkabeer plans to establish their outlets in areas that are most accessible by their target consumers. The company will contract a leading agency in India to help with logistical matters like transport and providing field agents. Transportation of Alkabeer products is done by air and road depending on the destination. These methods are fast, and they ensure that freshness is maintained in all products. Alkabeer has numerous warehouses for storage of their products.

Advertising and sales promotions

According to Chamikutty (2007), Alkabeer will contract the leading ad agencies and media houses for their advertisements to reach the wider Muslim population in India. Sampling is the main tool that is used by Alkabeer when introducing their products to new consumers. This ensures that consumers will judge for themselves the quality of their products. The advertising will be pay for the whole advertising.


As much as Alkabeer experiences and faces stiff competition in the frozen foods market in India, its innovative products continue to attract their targeted consumers and more consumers in the market. This has made them the leading manufacturer and distributor of frozen foods in India and Middle East.


















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