Sex and family

Posted: November 28th, 2013




Sex and family

After reading the book on the road by Jack Kerouac, that revolves around two characters Salvatore and Dean Moriarty escapades on road trips around the country. The book describes three road trip that they took together and how their relationship changes. It also discusses the work they do to survive, their relationships and family life. From the novel dean who is a free spirited character is portrayed as womanizer who in the course of three years marries three different wives and bears several children with these women. Salvatore wonders where his true love is and in the end finds her. From the book, several lessons are learnt concerning womanizing, casual sex and family life and their importance is reflected on.

The first lesson is that womanizing does not lead to any good. Dean loves women; every time he goes on a road trip, he meets a new woman falls in love and leaves the wife for her. This causes him to break and neglect his family; and not to be there for his children. This is demonstrated when they meet with Salvatore in New York the first time he is accompanied by Marylou his first wife. They argue and Marylou throws him out and goes to live with Salvatore. Later dean marries Camille as his second wife and when she is pregnant, dean leaves her for Marylou. Then after traveling for sometime dean leaves Marylou to go back to Camille and his child when they reach San Francisco. Later dean leaves Camille pregnant with their second child and meets Inez in New York whom she impregnates while Camille is pregnant with their second baby. It is important for a man to put his family first before sex.

The second lesson is that womanizing leads to violence. Dean injures his thump when he hits Marylou for being with other men yet he had left her alone to go back to Camille his second wife when life was too hard on them. The importance of this lesson is that couples should be faithful to each other. Another lesson is that casual sex leads to hasty decisions that bring nasty consequences. Marylou going out with many men was a hasty decision that she made after dean dumped her to go back to Camille and their child. She did not think before hand what the consequences would be, which resulted to dean being violent to her. The importance of this is that people should stop treating sex as casual because it causes violence in society.

Another lesson is that womanizing causes more confusion, irresponsibility and disorganization in a person’s life. When a person engages in multiple relationships that are based on convenience, they only lead to the person being more lost in what they are searching for in life. Salvatore wonders where the love of his life is, so when he meets terry a Mexican girl they travel together for some time. Later they settle down with her family in Sabinal and the brother teaches him about cotton. After sometime, he realizes that this is not what he desires, abandons Terry and goes back to New York.

In addition, Dean goes back to Camille the second time due to financial hardships but does not last long with her. Instead, he abandons her again when she is pregnant with their second baby rather than take the responsibility. This two examples show how irresponsibility results from bad choices made for the sake of self-convenience. Dean impregnates Inez, promises to marry her after divorcing Camille but later changes his mind leaves Inez and goes back to Camille. Therefore, he leaves his child with Inez without a father to care and to provide. Dean seems confused on what decision to make concerning the women in his life, which leads to him going back and forth between the women. The lessons importance is that sex can cause families to break up and the children to suffer from loss of one parental love.

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