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Posted: December 2nd, 2013

Answer the questions only

Short Answers

  1. Green beans and lard; headcheese are food that have made a mainstream shift from inedible to edible.
  2. Folklorists and feminists refer to the work that a woman does in the house as “invisible work”. This is because they refuse to recognize the work that women did in the house as important. They viewed the food prepared as a gift.
  3. A “rite of intensification” is a rite that reaffirms a person’s status in society. In this case, a rite will make certain food accepted in society.
  4. Examples of culturally gendered food are biscuits and oatcake.
  5. Baking becomes a “subversive” activity as it helped carve out precious social time for women.
  6. Through occupational folk life, a housewife is considered as a person that looks after the family. She is expected to always put the interests of the family first and prepare all the meals for them.
  7. Molasses is common in Maritime Provinces as it is celebrated food in these areas. It is considered a very beneficial food.
  8. Cincinnati chili is distinct as it contains a wide range of spices with cinnamon being the most distinct.
  9. The “daintiness” of food served at church teas is crucial as the food were an accepted statement of middle-class femininity. The church teas were to be associated with class a notion that food companies promoted.
  10. Carolina Hash is high-protein meat gravy mostly from pigs that has spices that is served with rice. It is believed that it provides energy.

Short Essays

Question one

There are different occasions in a human beings life that are celebrated. When these occasions are celebrated, certain food is prepared so that it can be eaten. It is deemed as tradition that this food must be there during these occasions. Without this food, the celebration will not be complete. These traditions have bee passed down from generation to generation. Each generation carriers on what is done traditionally as a way of honoring ancestors.

Americans celebrate thanksgiving each year. Thanksgiving dinner is a time old tradition that has been passed down from Native Americans. It is a time when families come together and give thanks for what they have in their lives. The first thanksgiving was believed to have started when the Pilgrims received food from the Native Americans. After that, the tradition continued from generation to generation. The food that is served during thanksgiving varies from family to family. However, there is one thing that all American tables have in common during thanksgiving. That is turkey. It is because of this that thanksgiving has also been named as turkey day. Hundreds of turkeys are bought on this day. Many families have come to believe that they must have a perfect turkey, and they are therefore particular about which bird they will buy.

Turkeys are significant because of many reasons. For one, they are large enough to cater for a big family. During thanksgiving dinner, many people go home to celebrate with their loved ones. There is therefore a need for a sizeable enough meal to cater for extended family and friends. Another reason is some people believe that pilgrims served turkey during the first thanksgiving dinner. Therefore, they feel the need to honor this tradition and continue to serve turkey during these dinners. Another reason is associated with the fact that, in the earlier days when there was a celebration, people ate turkey. As a result, people continued to honor a celebration with eating turkey.

In the case of thanksgiving, turkeys are important. If a thanksgiving dinner were served without turkey, people would not acknowledge that it is thanksgiving. The association of this food and this occasion is extremely important to people. This is because it is a time-honored tradition that needs to be respected. There would be no need to honor the occasion if not all the norms were followed. This is a classic example of how food is vital to the society. Thanks to the celebration, people have come together. Food is an essential part in the celebration as a whole. These foods are meaningful as they help human beings celebrate their heritage.

Question six

Dear Mr. Tye,

Baking is an art that has been passed on from generation to generation. Through it, the taste of food has been known to improve. The views that you hold about your wife’s book are wrong. Many people will be interested in knowing this beautiful technique of preparing food because of many reasons. This is because, in the years, mothers have taught their daughters the skill of baking. It is through spending hours in the kitchen and perfecting the art that people get to eat tasty dishes and pastry. A woman in most societies is judged according to how good of a baker she is. When being taught the art a girl spends a lot of time with her mother. She is taught many things in the process and not just baking. Baking is therefore a heritage that bonds together mother and daughter from generation to generation.

Networks have been forged thanks to this humble art. Women often exchange baking tips with each other. They become friends as they teach each other how to make that perfect cake or biscuits. It is a learning forum as everyday a new way of baking is invented. Only pastries were baked earlier, but thanks to inventions and innovations, people have discovered that food that is baked is even better. Turkeys, chicken and other food are now baked, and the outcome is extremely delicious. Women that bake should be celebrated, as they make sure that the art of cooking is enhanced.

It is through baking that a woman is identified. In most celebrations, baked goods have to be on the table. Church function, birthdays or even dinners all these occasions have to have baked foods. A woman is ranked according to how good she is at baking. It is not only in the traditional sense but also today, men are learning how to bake. Many pastry chefs earn a steady living. There are able to survive thanks to the art. They earn good salaries that make them enjoy their jobs even more. Baking has created employment opportunities for many people. Pastry chefs are not the only ones that earn a living from it but also other people. Baking is an art that should be embraced and encouraged. The book that your wife has written is therefore instrumental in promoting this art. It teaches people many baking techniques with a touch of tradition. This is because the recipes are traditional.


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