Posted: October 17th, 2013

Recruitment Ad and Interview Questions












Recruitment Ad and Interview Questions

Part 1


Mechatronics Company is a fast growing manufacturing company that seeks to recruit a qualified individual for the position of Administrative Officer to be located in general management office. He will be reporting to the Managing Director.


A bachelor’s degree in Business Administration or any other relevant qualification. Postgraduate degree holders are encouraged to apply.


2 years post college qualification in a managerial position in a busy environment.

Skills and Abilities:

Personal integrity, ability to work under minimum supervision, excellent leadership qualities and organizational skills


Between 28 and 35 years with good health


The salary package ranges from $38,000 to $42,000 per annum plus other benefits.


Interested applicants may email their applications to the human resource manager,, by 12:00 pm on “DATE”. Kindly note hand delivered applications will not be accepted. Mechatronics Company is an equal opportunity employer for all qualified candidates and canvassing will lead to disqualification.





Why are you asking? What do you hope to learn?

Kindly describe yourself as a professional and explain why you are interested in this position? This is meant to test his communication skills and flow of ideas. The second part is intended to give the interviewee to justify his application by relating his qualifications to the job requirements. Also to verify his credentials and assess his willingness to work as well as how best he can express himself
Why do you intend to leave your current job? It is an open-ended question intended to but provides information that could suggest it was for passion of working our company or because of lack of good working environment. It would also provide information concerning issues that could make him/her leave this job if offered for another.
What are the key roles of an administrative officer and how do they relate to your skills? This checks if he is familiar with the required duties and responsibilities of position. This also gauges his/her comprehending ability and understands of the scope of works. This also provides information concerning his experience in a management position of the same kind. In addition, asking him to connect them with his/her skills provides information know whether he has the required skills for the job
What personality traits do you poses that make you an effective administrator? Evaluate his personality and assess his integrity. To learn how his personality matches the relevant emotional and mental skills needed. This also helps in knowing whether he is confident with his own personality that is needed for the job.
Can you provide us with an example of a situation that that you were involved in developing the strategic action plan? To assess the leadership qualities and competence levels in strategic management. This is intended to gauge his value to the organization. In addition, this gauges his ability to come up with strategies and use them for the benefit of the organization.
What components did you take in consideration when developing formulating your strategy? This tests his theoretical and practical knowledge on the subject matter. To understand his competency levels on the matter. I addition, this tests his knowledge of strategic planning, where the information provided can be used to gauge the credibility of the candidate for the job in terms of planning and implementation. More so, the information provides a highlight of whether the skills he uses are in congruent with the company.
What challenges did you encounter during implementation? How did you overcome them? To understand his attitude towards setbacks and how he deals with them. It also measures his mental strength and will power to succeed as well as measure his/her abilities in problem solving during times of pressure.
How do you feel when some of your strategies affect negatively some employees/ To gain insight on how he values and treats his subordinates. This indicates his willingness to empower and enlighten others. It also provides information as per how far he can compromise between the company and employees
How will you boost the morale of your remaining employees after the company has lain off some of them? To get an insight of how he deals with change and how treats his employees. He should demonstrate pro-activeness to explain the reason for the lay offs without antagonizing the company’s image. He should take the initiative to explain how he intends to motivate the employees and convince them it is for the better of the whole company including the employees.
If your supervisor requests you to take an inappropriate act, do go about it? If so, how did you handle the situation and whom did you share information with? This is an integrity test. His opinion on this part will also explain how he views and intends to relate to his boss i.e. professionally or submissively. It also tests his decision-making skills. In addition, it will test his/her ethical morals, as well ability to inform his/her supervisor it is wrong and a better way could be sought.
What safeguards do you employ to insure the budget is balanced annually? What recommendations would you make to your superior in the event the budget has to be reduced? This will test his ability to monitor the resources of the company especially in terms of strategies of sticking to the budget. For a better candidate, the safeguarding measures will start at budgeting stage.

More so, this will require the candidate to demonstrate hi/her ability to provide support to the person him /she directly reports to through offering recommendations.











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