Posted: October 17th, 2013






            Smokers put people around them at greater risk than that which they put themselves. The smoke exhaled by a smoker or released by the tip of the burning cigarette causes air pollution. It also causes great danger to the people around the smoker. This is because the unfiltered smoke from the cigarette tip is more concentrated and stays for longer in the lungs of the people around the smoker. In most cases, people who suffer most from passive smoking are the families and friends of the smoker. A pregnant woman who smokes or who is exposed to tobacco smoke can affect the unborn baby from the mother’s blood stream and from breast-feeding.

A pregnant woman that smokes exposes herself to a possible miscarriage. Her baby might also weigh less after birth. These mothers also expose their children to pneumonia and bronchitis in their first years of life. The unborn babies also inhale the same amount of nicotine just as their smoker mothers. The babies are more likely to have asthma. Those pregnant women exposed to passive smoke are more liable to give birth to children with hearing problems. They are also likely to experience stillbirths and abrupt abortions compared to those not exposed to smoke.

.           Nicotine in tobacco causes smoking addiction. Nicotine is addictive and once someone starts smoking, he becomes reliant on it wanting more. Smoking is said to decrease the life of smokers by seven to eight years. It causes cardiovascular disease. This is where over years, deposits of fats increase in arteries. Eventually blood clots form narrowing the arteries. Smoking also causes Coronary thrombosis. This can result to a heart attack. It can also result to cerebral thrombosis that may cause a stroke or the smoker to be paralyzed. Smokers are at a high risk of high blood pressure. They also expose themselves to getting cancer. The greatest cause of lung cancer is smoking. Couples who smoke tend to have fertility problems. It also stains the teeth of smokers. To the gums, it causes swelling and makes the breath bad.

Smokers’ appearance is affected. They tend to have less vitamin A since there is low supply of blood to their skin. A smoker’s skin is usually paler and wrinkled even when they are still young. Smokers may be exposed to erectile dysfunction in their later life. Since blood vessels thicken over time due to smoking, blood will not flow freely to the penis causing this. A smoker’s risk to getting lung cancer depends on the number of cigarettes they smoke in a day. When they inhale deeper, they also increase their risk. In some countries, smokers have been prohibited from smoking in public. Anyone caught smoking is punished. There are smoking sections set for the smokers and that way other non-smokers are not exposed to the passive smoking.

The advertising of cigarettes may influence smoking in teenagers. Most people that do not smoke agree with the smoking ban rules. Most of these people are educated and are aware about the dangers of smoking. There is freedom to do whatever someone chooses as long as no law is broken. Someone is free to smoke as long as he is eighteen years and above. The smoking bans implemented restrict the smokers to smoking only at specified areas. Even though smokers feel they have a right to do what they please with their bodies, they should mind people around them. Non-smokers become greatly affected by the smoke, and they suffer harmful effects more than smokers do.


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