Speakers Panel Reflective Assignment

Posted: October 17th, 2013

Speakers Panel Reflective Assignment






Speakers Panel Reflective Assignment

Question 1

            Being an aspiring Social Service Worker, the Speaker’s panel brings great encouragement to me. The speaker’s panel guests are ex-graduate students from our college. They now have great jobs in the social work field. They have also achieved success in life. During the speaker’s panel, I noticed three things that I found to be quite inspiring. First, from the life stories they told, I realized that life is never easy for anyone. However, the difficulties in life toughen people and make them turn out to be even more successful. These difficulties made them strong and today they have turned out to be great people. Second, I realize that time management is an important factor. It can greatly affect a person from his education to his career depending on how a person handles it. Therefore, time management greatly contributes to success. Third, I realize that no one is perfect. Along the way, individuals make mistakes but what defines them is how they overcome their mistakes. The mistakes make them wiser and the challenges only make them successful. Setting goals and having a target in life attributes to success.

Question 2

            I notice I can mostly relate to the speaker from the community and justice. I am inspired and impressed by her speech. She talks about her struggles in life. She is a hardworking person who focuses on achieving success. She is also time conscious and believes wasting time is a great barrier to success achievement. Though she had a financial problem, this did not prevent her from perusing her education. She still turns out to be a successful person today with great leadership skills. I am impressed by how she overcomes her hardships and this encourages me. I am no different from her since I face the same challenges like the financial and social challenges she faced. She makes me realize that these challenges should not prevent someone from perusing education. I am more focused than before in achieving my success of becoming a social worker.

Question 3

            The speaker’s response inspires me and encourages me to continue in pursuing my profession. Their life experiences make me feel confident in myself. I face the same challenges as the speaker from community and justice who is now successful. This experience makes me more confident in myself since if she can make it then nothing can prevent me from achieving my success. However, I have to maintain my hard work and observe time in order to achieve this. I feel even more determined to achieve my goal in my academic career. I therefore intend to devote more of my time to my academics in order to achieve this success. These responses make me realize that with hard work nothing can stand on the way of success. All this can be achieved by setting and achieving the set target.

Question 4

            From all this I learn specific things about myself. I realize I am a hardworking and ambitious person. I work hard in order to achieve my goals and finally to achieve the success of being a future social worker. I also consider myself a time conscious person since I like doing my work and achieving the targets I set at the correct time. I realize I am a very confident person. I am confident in myself and in my studies, as I believe I will be successful. I also realize that I am a good listener and an attentive person. I realized that I am an enduring and strong person. Despite the difficulties I face, I still manage to work hard in my studies. The hardships do not make me lose hope. Instead, I am even more determined to achieve success.



Question 5

            I also learned more about the social service work profession. I now realize that there is code of ethics that every social worker should comply. The social service workers should put the best interest of the client first. They should also practice integrity and many other codes of ethics. I also learned that failure to comply with these codes of ethics might cause social workers to lose their jobs. Social workers help the clients in handling their personal and social problems. They offer counseling, community and social support programs. The registered social service workers have attained college education. They also continue to develop their skills by seeking professional learning. Students aspiring to be social workers should be ready for full-time studies and placements. Leadership skills also play a great part in the social work profession.

The social service field is demanding, requires a lot of time and dedication. This field requires a person to practice great time management in order to cope with the great workload available. Therefore, a person considering social work as a profession should possess these characteristics and be able to cope with stress management. The students should develop exceptional interpersonal skills, interviewing skills and critical thinking skills in order to be great social worker. These skills will help them in communicating well and understanding their clients since they interact with people from different ethnic groups. They should be ready to show compassion and willingness to place interest in the community before themselves. The speaker’s panel provided me with this knowledge concerning the social work profession.

Question 6

I do not have any doubts on entering the social service profession. I now realize it might just be the best choice of profession for me. I happen to possess the traits required in this field such as being time conscious, having great interpersonal skills and others. I have been working towards being a great social worker and I intend to continue in order to achieve my aspirations. This speaker panel program has encouraged me and made me more confident in myself. I admire the ex-graduated students and I focus on being successful in the social work career just like them.

Question 7

Since the social workers have to obtain professional knowledge in order to perfect their skills, I do not know the challenges I may face in my future education as an adult. I therefore wished to ask the speakers panel one question. As a mature student, what challenges may I face in the continuation of my education?

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