Posted: August 7th, 2013






            Sports hold only a physical meaning for many people. Many believe that sports are just meant for physical fitness and fun as well. However, sports have a deeper meaning for me than being a mere physical exercise. I believe that sports are not just about the games, medals won, and the physical activity. Rather, they are more about bringing people together from different places in the world to enjoy a good time away from the daily activities. It binds people together through recreation and creates a better environment. Additionally, through the competitions and rules of a game, people learn to gauge their skills by comparing them with other people, finding out their weaknesses and strengths as well as putting effort to become better. Thus, growth within a person can be achieved both physically and mentally. More so, sports require the use of knowledge and skills at the same time in order to win. Therefore, the mind and the body are engaged towards the same activity holistically. Therefore, sports go a far way in the life of a man such as improving their physical and psychological well-being as well as the social aspect.

I believe that sport is not only meant for physical activity and physical fitness. Sports are responsible for uniting people from different parts of the world. For instance, during a game between two teams, people are drawn from different places to come and watch, either as fans of their teams or just usual spectators. My sport is wrestling, which draws many people from different places to watch. Whichever way, they are brought together by the sport, which fosters interaction between people that could have probably never met each other. Through wrestling, I have met several people, some who were spectators and others who were my rival. I have made friends with many of them and they play a big part in my both sport and future. This creates a better environment for everyone through its entertaining ability ensuring that all are happy. Despite there being a winner and a loser, people remain united and get closer. Additionally, through sports people, especially the players in a team, learn how to work together in order to win the game. Players in a team have to work together towards the same goal. One experience that I never forget is the number of friends I have made through sports, which is bigger than any other place. This makes sports a particularly special place for me to unite with friends. In another way, people at home and friends come together to enjoy watching a game together, which is yet another way of uniting people. Therefore, one of the biggest purposes of sports in my life is bringing people together.

The other meaning of sports in my life comes from the competition between teams in games. Competition means displaying better skills under given rules that both teams follow. This helps one in understanding their abilities. It is only through competition that one can gauge themselves with others to understand their position. It is also the one way that people are able to understand their strengths and weaknesses. Through sports, one realizes what they need to do to improve their skills. This leads to personal growth since one keeps growing more and more through training every day as well as practicing tactics until they become skills. In wrestling, I used to practice my tactics daily in order to become better than my rivals were. This helped me to increase my tactics as well as gauge my skills against those of my rivals. This did not only improve me mentally, but also physically. It also increased my physical fitness, which science proves can keep one away from medical conditions in the future. To me, through sports one can improve their life from all aspects, both mentally and physically, leading to a better life.

With the capability of building one’s physical and mental status, sports ensure having a peaceful life. Sports are the best way of ensuring a harmonious relationship between the body and mind. To engage in sports, full concentration and body while playing are required. Wrestling involves physical energy to win. This required me to concentrate on my body as well as the tactics of the rival in order to win. Being calm before a game was one way of ensuring a harmony between the body and the mind. Thus, under the rules of wrestling, the body has to be controlled by the mind to attain optimum performance. Thus, with the ability of engaging both the body and the mind, one can have peace of mind while playing and achieve a mind-body holism, which influences professional practice. This improves the life of a person in both mental and physical status. Other things such as studying will engage the mental aspect without much regard to the physical. Thus, this is not as fulfilling as sports. Sports again manage to ensure people recreate their feelings.

Through sports, people are able to recreate their inner feelings and moods. The only time that I am able to forget about everything else in life is while I am engaged in a wrestling match. Even after the match, my spirit is uplifted and inner emotions lightened. Physical activities require full concentration of the mind and body. Thus, at this moment especially in a competitive game, one cannot think of anything else. The same way as players, spectators who come to watch a game forget about their lives for that moment in order to enjoy the game. Therefore, sports are one way of drawing a person away from his daily stresses in life to enjoy another inner self that is created when one forgets all their trouble. During sports, I never have time to think of anything else. Thus, with concentration in a game, everything else is lost for that moment, and our spirits are renewed. We come off a pitch, ring or court feeling better both mentally and physically. This allows one to face other issues in life with ease.

Sports provide an inner drive on the pitch as well as away from the playing fields. The thirst for excellence and perfection in an art is exemplified when they push for a step ahead against an opposing team or rival. Many of the young athletes and sport champions who have built a successful career often lead inspirational lives after retirement. It is suffice to say that, just as any other ambition in life, a fulfilled sporting activity gives any person a boost forward, a yearning for better days. It builds up a momentum to be superior with every opportunity given, to rectify the previous mistakes made. As an athlete runs head on towards the finish line or wrestling hard until the last minute, so do people who engage actively in sports forge ahead to complete their purpose.

Any risk taken on a sporting arena is a final decision made by the participant. After months and years of training and listening to advice from different places, it narrows down to the players themselves. A decision made by a wrestler, on which tactic to use, defense to use or decision to make while tackled is a result of weighing various options. It is a risk taken and when it pays off, the returns are worthwhile. This constant replay of taking risks after constant evaluation extends to choices made outside the court. It builds up a common sense of sorts and analysis of options. As the mind grows, so does an ability to make rational decisions. A coach who can handle a team effectively and push them forward can also manage a big family and accomplish their dreams. The same concept applies.

Every player faces a challenge to go on when all the odds seem against him/her. A penalty shoot-out, a final lap and you are not in the lead, a three-point shot on the final buzzer and a last tackle in wrestling before the buzzer go off. The desire to quit is so alive, but so is the passion to win. A win-win attitude no matter what forces lies against us, regardless of the waves that threaten to capsize any ship. We do not go down without a fight, until the dying breath. In any case, when a loss happens, there is always a better day, another opportunity to display our relentless efforts.

Sports are meant to build a person in all aspects of life, spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally. With such experience from wrestling, I have learnt that one can build their life with sports in a fulfilling way. It is through such experience that I chose a career in kinesiology so that I will inspire other people to embrace sports. I have lived a fulfilling life as an athlete and learnt that it can lead to an enjoyable life as well as interesting at the same time. Sports improve one’s well-being holistically to enjoy life. For one to enjoy life, all aspects of life have to be in harmony. This will make one to enjoy a fulfilling life. The main aspects in a human life are the body, mind and soul. Sports have an ability to improve the three of them since they are engaged at the same time during play. Thus, I believe that sports are the best way of improving a man’s life from all aspects due to their ability of achieving mind-body holism.

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