Staffing Organizations

Posted: October 17th, 2013

Staffing Organizations






Staffing Organizations

Having the right employee for the right job makes the work much easier and the best results are experienced. It is therefore significant for any human resource department to make sure that the right employees are assigned their respective qualifications. The most significant qualifications to consider when selecting any employee should be the academic qualifications, experience level, personal attributes and any other qualifications that are needed in the particular job (Cauth, Caruth & Pane, 2008).

It is the responsibility of the predictors to ensure that they use/have rationality and validity. The reliability in them ascertains that the scale used is accurate and consistent. Validity   enables the predictor to make sure that the desired traits and objectives are successfully measured. If the current predictor has a high-validity coefficient, high base rate and low selection ratio, a few things are expected to take place. The high validity co-efficient is of great use as it means that the appointed job candidate has greater chances of meeting the employer’s expectations. The high base rate affirms that if the selection standards are not present, a multitude of potential applicants would apply and qualify for the position successfully. The low selection ratio identifies that the predictor has to implement more selection procedures in order to acquire the needed employee (Heneman & Judge, 2008).

In the case of my boss, I would advise him/her to appoint a predictor, which possesses a high selection ratio and a low base rate. On matters concerning the high validity, I would advise him/her to maintain it. All these qualities would enable the predictor to use as many selection techniques as possible, limit the number of applicants in order to get the desired employees and the employees selected have greater chances of meeting the expectations set.

However, it is the work of the boss to ensure that the predictor does not discriminate inappropriately; that is, discriminate in a way that puts the company in legal problems. The predictor should be set in a way that the likelihood of getting the best staff for the appropriate jobs is as high as it can get.



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