State and Federal Crime Prevention

Posted: September 3rd, 2013

State and Federal Crime Prevention






State and Federal Crime Prevention


Preventing crime involves more than law and punishment. The federal and the state governments have a big role to play given prevention is preferable than cure. These two types of authorities have decided to improve the measures of preventing crime by incorporating technology through use of associated advances for stopping crime. They include security cameras and alarms. Citizens need to understand crime prevention is not the responsibility of the authorities alone. For it to be effective, the people need to work closely with the authority (Wilson et al, 1995).

Crime prevention at state level

There are three levels used to fight crime namely primary, secondary and tertiary levels. At the primary level, authority creates awareness to people who are likely to be potential criminals. A relevant example is children or adults. They are more likely to use violence during a disagreement. They are taught how to settle differences without engaging in criminal activities. They are made to understand what will be the consequences of their actions. At the secondary level crime is subdued using advanced technology on security (National Crime Prevention Institute, 1996).

The government uses devices like CCTV, alarm systems and other detective devices. Security cameras help in a broad way to solve crime issues. It captures every activity going on in a certain area. Therefore, it is possible to monitor and stop any uncalled for activities. It is possible to identify criminals who just committed crime in that area. The police will easily trace them using their identity. Other detective devices can sense hidden weapons. They are mostly used in many public places where terrorism is likely to occur. They are also useful in stores and malls. It is possible to use in catching shop lifters (National Crime Prevention Institute, 1996).

The tertiary level is concerned about offenders. The authority ensures that they do not repeat crime. This is mostly implemented at the correctional facilities like prisons. These criminals are taught life skills that will help them after they serve their sentence. Some of them had probably got into crime because they were idle and unskilled. They learn how to live in the society without committing crime. The penitentiary was originally meant to help criminals reform. They were supposed to stay alone and connect with their minds and soul. They were expected to feel remorseful and decide to change positively. This is part of the tertiary level (Gest, 2001).

Other private and non private agencies have intervened in stopping crime. For example, the German Insurance Association has collaborated with the bicycle industry to stop bicycle theft. They have also decided to team with the police department and signed an agreement. This paper states the requirements for bicycle sellers, manufacturers and users. They are aimed at reducing theft of bicycles in schools and the community as a whole. Other organizations have come in to assist in spreading the awareness on crime prevention. Surveys have been carried out and the most pressing issues on crime have been established.

The major crime areas are drug abuse, burglary, sexual and domestic offences among others. The society has been cooperative and helped in fighting crime. They do this by reporting crimes and giving their testimonies in court. Others assist the investigation department to arrest criminals by giving up information of their where about. Companies and organizations have done corporate social responsibilities by having programs that discourage crime. The German Forum for crime prevention operates by forming strategies that will prevent causes of crime.

Crime prevention at federal level

The federal government is more focused on fighting terrorism. This became its attention since the bombing in September 2001. However, they also address crimes related to other areas. The federal government also utilizes community policing as a way of preventing crime. This program was initiated by the 109thcongress in 2009. There have been two bills that were passed to adjust this program. The aims were to make it more efficient to both the community and the police department (Wilson, 1995).

Security has been improved in very many aspects and places. Some of the prevention measures were put in place because of past experiences. Security is kept even in court rooms in case of any crime. In 2005, there was a shooting in a court room in Atlanta. Several people were killed including the judge. This brought attention to security in court rooms. The law has also put stiffer penalties for crimes committed against federal agents. It is common for crimes to be committed against state witnesses. This is considered as obstruction to justice and the penalty is very stiff. It discourages criminals to intimidate witness and prevent them from testifying (Gest, 2001).

The federal government is also concerned about the prisoners who are released after they serve their term. Statistics prove that in every year there are about six hundred and sixty thousand prisoners who are released. Sixty percent are likely to commit other crimes by the first three years of their release. The federal government is working together with the community to assist these people. There are three types of programs put in place to help ex-offenders to fit in the society. The first programs are in prisons. They involve learning how to co-exist in the society. Offenders are taught the importance of living peacefully in the society. After they get out of prison, they are enrolled in other programs. The last group of programs is for doing follow ups and supervision of their progress (Gest, 2001).

Technology is also used by the federal government in curbing crime. They use advanced devices for communication. It is easy for federal agents to identify terrorist plans before they affect the people. Intelligence from reliable sources is very important because the federal agents will take action as soon as possible. Gangs have continued to be a major issue in America. Law makers have decided that having policies is good enough. This is when interception wire is used in some circumstances to accurately intercept gang communication when planning crime (National Crime Prevention Institute, 1996).

The federal government has increased penalties for crimes committed by gangs. There are arrangements made to help the youth in avoiding crimes. It has introduced bills that target to reduce gang crimes. The bills are meant to help in reducing the gang crimes. Some of the crimes result in execution. This is supposed to communicate to the people that they could lose their lives for reasons that are not worth it. Therefore, they should avoid gangs and other forms of crimes (Gest, 2001). There are young offenders who must face the law. Since they cannot be sentenced like adults, the government has a special program for them. They are taken to approved schools to help them correct their behavior (Lawrence, 2007).


The federal and state governments work together to reduce crime in every way possible. The current level of crime requires everyone in the society to participate in eliminating it. The community benefits from this exercise and therefore, they should pay attention to it. All the preventive measures used should always be evaluated and adjusted accordingly. This is a good way of reducing crime. Awareness programs should be more aggressive especially in those crime prone areas (National Crime Prevention Institute, 1996).      



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