Statement of Purpose

Posted: October 17th, 2013





Statement of Purpose

I am applying for admission to a PhD program in Business Administration. I am particularly interested in studying on the functionality of small businesses and the application of technology in the running of entrepreneurship businesses. I would like to study issues related to Entrepreneurship and technology management. These fields of study will enable me to understand how the above factors relate in entrepreneurship.

My interest in studying business and particularly entrepreneurship goes back to my time in High school. My father was a businessperson who owned several retail stores in our neighborhood. I used to be left in charge of one of our stores during the summer holidays. I liked balancing the books at the end of each day. The good performance of the stores during that time sparked a strong interest in me to learn more about the functions of business. I especially liked the idea of studying entrepreneurship so that I could help successful entrepreneurs like my dad to run their businesses efficiently.

Studying a PhD in entrepreneurship and technology will enable me understand best how to run a business. It will also enable me to learn how technology can be integrated into the business processes of entrepreneurs to make them more efficient. I also want to increase my knowledge of the challenges entrepreneurs face and find ways of streamlining the processes of entrepreneurship. A PhD will also enable me to study entrepreneurship at a more local and specific level. This will also enable me to carry out research on local entrepreneurship businesses. The research will troubleshoot the challenges such businesses face and help in the discovery of new ways of running business efficiently.

My graduate studies in entrepreneurship and technology have established in me a firm desire to pursue further studies in this field. Previously I have been working as a youth entrepreneurship trainer with the department of local business development. I have decided to pursue a PhD with you because I know that this will enable me to be more competitive in my career path, as well as gain additional understanding in my field of study. I look forward to joining and studying in your esteemed institution.


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